NEWBURY PARK (CBSLA) — A dance studio in Newbury Park has been tripped up again after Monday’s high winds wrecked the outdoor tents that were purchased to help adjust to the coronavirus pandemic.

(credit: Thrive Dance Center)

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Thrive Dance Center in Newbury Park spent nearly $30,000 to buy tents and build outdoor dance platforms after being forced to shut down in March because of the pandemic. But Monday’s Santa Ana winds tore it all down.

“It is with a heavy heart that we are unable to open the studio today,” Thrive Dance Center wrote on Facebook. “The Santa Ana winds have completely destroyed our outdoor dance complex and we need a day to assess the damage.”

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The studio had purchased four large canopies at the cost of $5,000 each, and built platforms appropriate for dancing in the parking lot of the business complex where it is located. The outdoor studio was torn apart by the 50-mile-per-hour winds that tore through Newbury Park.

“It’s truly devastating as we invested in multi-layer dance flooring, outdoor lighting, fire resistant canopies and outdoor cleaning supplies in order to stay open,” co-owner Jennifer Maples said in an email. “Even though we only have half our enrollment, many students were able to come and dance in person safely. Many of us were able to have some normalcy.”

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Maples said she is not sure what their next steps would be, and that they have been struggling financially since March. But several parents have already launched a fundraising effort to help Thrive Dance Center get back on its feet.