LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — From Vin Scully to LeBron James, Los Angeles sports icons and teams took to social media after the Los Angeles Dodgers clinched their seventh World Series title Tuesday in six games against the Tampa Bay Rays.

James took to Twitter Tuesday night, calling Los Angeles the “city of champions” and begging for a celebration parade, something city officials have said cannot happen due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“What a year. What a season. What a team,” Vin Scully tweeted.

And everyone from the Lakers, Clippers and the Sparks to the Rams and the Chargers, and even LAFC and the Galaxy wanted in on celebrating the World Series champs.

But it was the Los Angeles Kings who set big expectations for their next season, saying, “We call dibs on the next LA championship.”

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  1. Joe says:

    Sure, let’s have a parade so you can infect the other people that didn’t get infected from last nights’ celebration / loot-a-thon. I think “decent society” is getting tired of you idiots.

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