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(CBSLA) — Dodgers catcher Will Smith homered in the bottom of the sixth inning in Game 2 against the Tampa Bay Rays to close the gap to 6-3. But, the home run, while notable as it was first career World Series homer, wasn’t the main attraction. Instead, it was the reaction of the fan who caught the ball in the left field seats.

So excited by the fact that he just caught a home run ball at a World Series game (understandable), the fan accidentally threw his glove onto the field while celebrating the catch:

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After making the catch, he pump fakes with the ball several times and then, flicks the wrist on his glove hand sending the glove floating down onto the field at the feet of Rays left fielder Randy Arozarena.

You can tell by his reaction afterwards that he didn’t intend to let the glove fly but, it left a confused Arozarena staring up at him wondering why the glove was there. Arozarena tossed the glove back up to the fan, who had a good chuckle before checking his phone, likely receiving a barrage of messages about his television appearance.

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The moment inspired some fun from the broadcast crew with Joe Buck, seeing the replay of the fan for the first time offering a confused play by play of the situation.

“…..what? And Arozarena I’m sure is just as confused as the rest of us. He caught the ball, kept the ball. Throws his glove onto the field in a moment of sheer ecstasy and then, gets it back I guess? Or he brought two,” said Buck.

This then inspired Baseball Reference, the database of historical stats, to make sure to include a new stat for Arozarena tomorrow.

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If you’re counting at home, that would mark the first glove fielded in World Series history.