By CBSLA Staff

RIVERSIDE (CBSLA) – A Riverside County Animal Services officer helped rescue a dog hiding underneath a home Tuesday after the dog was scared off by fireworks.

The Riverside family said their dog Midnight, a senior female Labrador Retriever, bolted after fireworks exploded in their neighborhood on Sunday night – shortly after the Los Angeles Lakers won their 17th championship title.

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Midnight had jammed herself under a wood beam directly under the owner’s home and hid there for two days.

On Tuesday, Officer Michael Cox arrived at the home in the 3400 block of Franklin Avenue and attempted to fit through the opening where the dog had presumably entered.

The dog had leaped through a screen and hunkered down in a safe spot as far away from the opening as she could.

“It was as if she had burrowed a spot for herself, but she had actually entrapped herself,” Cox said. “That’s the magnitude of just how scared she was from the fireworks.”

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A family member joined the officer into the crawl space to assist and make the pet feel more comfortable.

When Cox initially tried to pull Midnight out, she used her front legs on the other side of the beam to hold on and resist.

The family member was eventually able to push Midnight and the officer safely pulled her. The duo made progress without injuring her.

“It took us a few minutes, and there was a lot of dirt kicked around,” Officer Cox said. “Even with flashlights, the visibility was very low. But the good news is we were finally able to nudge her from her spot and she crawled out of the hole into the arms of her very relieved and happy family.”

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As the dog noticed the light coming from the opening, Midnight exited out on her own.