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SHERMAN OAKS (CBSLA) — A Sherman Oaks father says he received a cease and desist demand over noise coming from his apartment.

Nick Cutelli admits he has a noisy second-floor apartment with his 2-year-old son running around and not many alternative locations to turn to during the pandemic, but he said the involvement of law enforcement completely blindsided him.

One of the things he said he has done to help reduce the noise is getting extra padding on the floor, but the neighbor said the noise still remains excessive.

His neighbor, who owns the condo below Cutelli, said the noise coming from Cutelli’s unit “has been causing us to wake up and jump out of bed in a panic, among other distress.”

CBS2 spoke with the neighbor who filed the complaint, but he did not want to be identified.

The man said the following in a phone interview:

“It’s unreasonable noise coming down and I put him on notice through it several times through emails. It is rumbling. My chandelier shakes. It’s really excessive and really disturbing.”

The neighbor, who works from home as an attorney, said he understands the challenges of having a child at home but that some of the noise is coming from an adult.

Cutelli, a stand-up comedian, says he is unemployed at the moment and is weighing the options of sending his son to preschool during the pandemic or getting sued by his neighbor.

“I’m faced with this dilemma of like do I get sued and have to go to court and pay all these fees and go in debt or do I send my son to school during Covid when all the other kids in LA are pretty much in the comfort of their own home?” he said.

At one point last month, Cutelli says the neighbor called police to report excessive noise.

“I look through the peephole and I have two L.A. cops standing outside the door,” Cutelli said. “So much stuff going on on in L.A. right now, why are we here doing a noise disturbance call — at 8 pm granted?

The neighbor said he involved police because he was “left with no choice” and “didn’t know how else to stop it.”

Cutelli said he’s used to hearing noise from the community and neighbors but is okay with it.

“He makes noise all the time and I’m fine with that just like the gardener comes at 7 in the morning. I don’t care that’s life you know,” he said.

The neighbor has pointed out Cutelli’s stand-up comedy videos on YouTube that could create noise, but Cutelli argues that he’s being careful not to disturb neighbors.

“We are doing the best we can up here, man, and you just they keep coming after us,” Cutelli said.

No other action has been taken by the neighbor, who also listed the landlord in the cease and desist notice.

Cutelli has also secured an attorney.

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  1. Bruce says:

    So petty, and selfish of those neighbors. It’s just the nature of these times, everyone ultra-sensitive, but no room for compassionate exception for the while, it seems. Yes, children can be loud, anxious and normally full of energy. It’s not the parents fault, and these Uptight Stuffy people possibly can invest in some Bose Noise-Cancelling Earbuds, or something, perhaps in lieu of Fining a Family..?>?? What is the Purpose of THAT..>?? And this unfortunate family who happens to live above them, they are just living their lives. Who hasn’t been bothered by the Noise of the City and it’s Up Close and Personal Invasion of Sound Pollution, yes, an inconvenience, but it’s the Norm, and it’s just Is what It Is..!!. And this Poor Victimized Papa should be helped instead of persecuted by Selfish Uptight Prudes..!

  2. Ted says:

    Oh, I completely side with the neighbor who complained. You live in a condo, above another tenant. Bring your kid to a park, let him run around, scream, jump around, all that, OUTSIDE. Don’t let him do it inside. Teach your child to behave. Your right to make all kinds of noise ends when it affects other people. Sure, the occasional bit of running and yelling is to be expected from children. My guess is that in this case it’s excessive and Dad just can’t be bothered to discipline his son.

  3. Juliajame says:

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