Neighbors told CBSLA the sisters were twins.By CBSLA Staff

PLACENTIA (CBSLA) – A father and his two young daughters were found stabbed to death early Wednesday morning in what investigators believe was a murder-suicide at a home in Placentia.

Oct. 7, 2020. (CBSLA)

The killings were reported by relatives at 12:38 a.m. at a home in the 400 block of East Swanson Avenue.

“Family members were reporting that two small children were stabbed inside the residence,” Placentia police Sgt. Bryce Angel told reporters.

There were two women in the home as well, both unhurt, believed to be the girls’ mother and grandmother.

“My husband just stabbed my children!” a frantic woman was heard saying in a released 911 call.

Officers arrived to find two young sisters stabbed to death in the living room of the home.

41-year-old Timothy Takehara, believed to be their father, was also found dead in a grassy area across the street. A bloody handprint was on the front door of the home.

The father had self-inflicted stab wounds to his body. Investigators believe he stabbed himself inside the home and then ran outside.

“It’s looking like this is possibly a murder-suicide, and we believe that the suspect is the father of the children,” Angel said.

Timothy Takehara, the suspect in the murder-suicide of his twin daughters in Placentia. (Placentia PD)

Neighbors told CBSLA the sister were twins.

“To have such bright stars be taken so violently is just unfathomable,” said family friend Audrianne Skipper at a Wednesday night vigil.

The names and ages of the sisters were not immediately disclosed.

Officers confirmed they have responded to the home before. Neighbor Natascha Vayda shared a photo with CBSLA taken in September of police cars surrounding the home.

“We saw like nine or ten cop cars pull up, and you just see a bunch of cops with big guns running up to the door and banging on the door,” Vayda told CBSLA Wednesday.

It’s unclear why police were called at that time or if any arrests were made at the time.

“I don’t know what occurred to have them call 911, if they heard screaming, if they witnessed it, if they were there when it was occurring,” Sgt. Joe Connell said. “Our investigators are looking into that.”

Police are continuing to collect evidence and are planning to interview the girls’ mother and grandmother to help identify a motive.

“I know in my career I never forget the calls involving children, and this one is right there at the top,” Angel said somberly.

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