A father of four in Lemoore, California, is taking matters into his own hands to make sure his children and other local students have their own space as they attend school remotely from their homes.

It all started in early September when Mitchell Couch, 44, got tired of seeing his kids take over the family’s dining table with their schoolwork. After dinner, he drove to the store to purchase supplies to build two desks.

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“I made a desk for my kids to start with, and I made it for, like, 20 bucks,” Couch told KMPH.

Couch posted a photo of his accomplishments on social media.

“We started getting so many messages from people who wanted to build their own desks too, but didn’t know how to assemble the wood,” Couch told CNN. “So, I decided to make a YouTube video with step-by-step instructions in order to help as many people as possible.”

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As word continued to spread, Grocery Outlet, a discount supermarket chain, offered to fund the supplies if Couch could build desks for other students in the school district who needed their own space to learn. Couch happily agreed and one week later — with the help of his family — he had built 40 desks.

The demand for the desks didn’t end there, so the Couch family started a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for supplies so every student in their school district who needs a dedicated learning location can have one.

“We heard from teachers that the kids who have their own space to learn do so much better with distance learning,” he said. “It’s so much easier to separate home and school life that way.”

Couch, who works full-time as a building inspector for the city of Corcoran, prides himself on making things for friends and family — including a “do it yourself” swimming pool and drive-in movie theater.

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He’s launched a website (goodlyearth.com) and is picking up new followers on social media sites, including Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter.