NEWPORT BEACH (CBSLA) — Whale watchers off the coast of Newport Beach got a Monday afternoon surprise when two playful humpback whales decided to put on a show.

A humpback whale, known as Chalkboard, waves her tail at a boat of whale watchers off the coast of Newport Beach. (Credit: Newport Landing Whale Watching/YouTube)

According to Newport Landing Whale Watching, humpback whales are extremely intelligent and will often exhibit social or playful behaviors like breaching, fin and tail slapping on the water and curiosity toward whale watching boats.

“Although it is unclear as to why these two whales decided to do this, it definitely wowed all passengers onboard,” Jessica Roame, Newport Landing and Davey’s Locker Whale Watching education manager, said.

Making the show more special was that the two whales, Flicka and Chalkboard, are known to the whale watching community and can be tracked through the Happywhale online platform.