WESTLAKE (CBSLA) — Police are investigating after a Westlake High School football star was allegedly shot and killed Wednesday in South Los Angeles.

At 6 foot 4 inches and 200 pounds, Patterson was known as a highlight to watch at high school football games.

Jordan Patterson, 18, was sitting in a car with a friend near Dymally High School on Wednesday afternoon when the two were shot at, authorities said.

A school police officer heard the shots, and called 911. Patterson was taken to an area hospital, where he later died from his injuries. His friend in the car suffered minor injuries.

Many are mourning the loss of Patterson, who was known and loved throughout his community.

At 6-foot-4 and 200 pounds, Patterson was known as a highlight to watch at high school football games. His coach at Westlake, Tim Kirksey, said he had a promising and bright future ahead of him.

“Jordan was by no uncertainty the single greatest athlete that I think I’ve ever been around,” Kirksey said.

Patterson played football at Westlake from 2018 until he graduated in 2019. He was also on the winning state championship team at Narbonne High School in Harbor City in 2017.

“I was on the porch with a good friend of mine who coached him as well last night,” Kirksey said. “We had a few tears telling stories about Jordan. Both of us couldn’t remember a memory without his big smile and making us feel like we were part of something bigger.”

Kirksey said Patterson was a star on the football field, but he was made unforgettable by his big heart.

“You invest in them as if they’re kids of your own, and when that happens you feel the same pain as if they were your own kid. It’s been a hard couple days.”

Police said there is currently no description of the suspect. Anyone with information on this shooting is asked to contact LAPD.

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    There should be MAJOR protests in South Central about this murder. I want to see the news media showing and reporting on them.

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