By CBSLA Staff

RESEDA (CBSLA) — An off-duty officer was attacked this weekend in the Reseda area.

The officer was driving his personal vehicle on Vanowen Street and Lindley Avenue when investigators say a driver in a black vehicle approached the officer and shot at him.

The rounds struck the officer’s car but he was not hit. The shooter took off and is still on the run as of this morning.

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  1. Truth says:

    How was he to know it was an off duty cop? The way this story is written is as if it is more heinous because he shot at an off duty cop. He was in his personal vehicle so why is his job part of the story?

    1. Sean Frisbey says:

      Given the current climate of our nation, while the officer’s profession MIGHT not be related, it is definitely possibly relevant. Nothing was implied by adding his profession other than just that: he’s a cop. The story would have done the exact same thing if they were a teacher, a firefighter, or a nurse.

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