By CBSLA Staff


ARCADIA (CBSLA) — Firefighters have gained more ground on the 114,082-acre Bobcat fire which has been burning for nearly three weeks.

Containment for the fire increased from 61% to 63% on Saturday as crews continue to monitor the flames.

Some 1,554 personnel assigned to the fire spent the night patrolling the fire area and putting out hot spots, U.S. Forest Service officials said. Priority areas for the weekend will include Dorr Canyon and Rock Creek Road.

Evacuation Orders

• South of Highway Big Pines Highway, east of Devil’s Punchbowls, west of Largo Vista Road., and north of the forest.

• South and west of Upper Big Tujunga Canyon, east of Angeles Forest Highway, and North of Angeles Crest Highway.

• Residences along Angeles Crest Highway, between Angeles Forest Highway and Highway 39.

Evacuation Warnings

• South of Fort Tejon Road and E. Avenue W-14, east of 87th Street E., west of 165th Street E and Devil’s Punchbowl, and north of the forest and Big Pines Highway.

• South of Highway 138, east of 165th Street E., west of Largo Vista Road, and north of Big Pines Highway.

• South of Big Pines Highway, east of Largo Vista Road, west of 263rd Street E. (county line), and north of the forest.

• South of Highway 138, north of Weber Ranch Road, east of Cheseboro Road, and west of 87th Street E.

• South of Pearblossom Highway, south and east of Highway 122 (Sierra Hwy/Pearblossom), north and west of Mount Emma Road, west of Cheseboro Road, north and east of Angeles Forest Highway.

• South of Mt. Emma Rd., North of Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Rd., East of Angeles Forest Highway, and West of Pacifico Mountain

• East Fork Areas: Julius Klein Conservation Camp 19, Camp Williams, and the River Community.

• Unincorporated community of Wrightwood

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