VENTURA (CBSLA) — The Ventura County medical examiner Friday released the autopsy report in the death of actress Naya Rivera.

The toxicology report showed that she had trace amounts of alcohol and prescription drugs in her system, but nothing that should have caused her drowning death.

Rivera drowned while boating with her young son on Lake Piru in late July. Her son was found floating on the rented boat alone and unharmed.

Rivera’s body was recovered days after the drowning.

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  1. hollywoodg says:

    Shocked. Alcohol & Drugs.

    1. Marco Rocchio says:

      Trace amount of alcohol…which equals a glass of wine with dinner the night before. Prescription drug like maybe a blood pressure medication… let’s not equate that with pot, crack or meth plus a blood alcohol of .24.

      1. hollywoodg says:

        Hmmm…Let’s see…alcohol – Amphetamines, anti-anxiety drug diazepam and the appetite suppressant phentermine. Yep – she was clean. My bad.

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