By CBSLA Staff

SANTA MONICA (CBSLA) — Help is needed Friday to identify three men believed to be involved in violently snatching a purse from a woman in Santa Monica, leaving her in the street.

The robbery happened Aug. 20 at about 8:50 p.m. in the 1500 block of 6th Street. Police say the woman was on the sidewalk when a man walked up to her and grabbed her purse.

(credit: Santa Monica Police Department)

Surveillance video shows the woman tried to hold on to the purse, and was dragged out into the street. The man ran off to a vehicle waiting across the street, where two others were waiting.

There was an attempt to use the woman’s credit card at 21 Liquor Mart, 1732 W. Rosecrans Ave. in Gardena. Detectives were able to get surveillance video of the three men who tried to use the card, police said.

Police did not have a description of the vehicle or the three suspects, but released surveillance images. The vehicle was a red, 4-door compact SUV with dark-tinted back windows. The three suspects appeared to all be Black men in their 20s. One had a heavily tattooed left arm and wore an orange do-rag hair covering and a blue medical mask. The second man wore a black T-shirt with an image of Muhammad Ali on the front, a thing gold chain, a black baseball cap, black shorts and a dark face mask. The third wore a black face mask, a white T-shirt, blue shorts and red, white and blue tennis shoes.

Anyone with information about the vehicle, the three men or the robbery can contact Santa Monica police Detective Ismael Tavera at (310) 458-8401 ext. 2256 or (310) 458-8941.

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