LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — When 48-year-old LAFD veteran firefighter Frank Aguilar arrived at his condo in Rosarito, Mexico, on Aug. 20, he sent his family a photo of the beach.

(Courtesy: Aguilar Family)

That was the last time they heard from him.

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“He’s never gone more than a day without contacting and making sure that he’s ok to his family,” his daughter Bella said.

The next day, his brother and cousin went to check on him.

“They had found things moved around in his condo, drawers were open, picture frames were moved, it was kind of scene like people were looking for something,” Bella told CBSLA. “Then, they discovered two vehicles were missing, a laptop, and a few more items.”

There was also no sign of Aguilar in the condo, so his family decided to contact the authorities in Mexico. Since then, Mexican investigators have been working with the FBI to try to find out what happened to Aguilar.

It’s been two weeks since Aguilar’s family has seen or heard from him.

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Bella said they had heard about possible foul play from media in Mexico, and they were surprised to hear L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti say her father may be a victim of a violent kidnapping on Wednesday.

“It’s just shocking,” she said. “We associate Rosarito with the family safe vacation spot and just to hear those words from Mayor Garcetti was just very surreal.”

Garcetti said during a press conference that the city is working to make sure the 20-year LAFD veteran is safely returned home.

Bella said her family is thankful for those who are trying to find her father, but they would like to know more information about what exactly is being done and what investigators know so far.

“We haven’t received any calls of ransoms yet,” she said. “We’re all just sitting and making calls as much as we can but we’re not receiving information. We’re getting asked questions but we’re not receiving answers. That’s our frustration right now.”

Bella said that the family doesn’t know who would want to harm her father, or why. She said Aguilar is well known and well-loved in L.A. and in Rosarito, where generations of her family have called home.

“Right now we’re just trying everything we can to get him back,” she said. “We have our ups and downs, we don’t know what to expect right now. It’s just completely on edge. We’re on edge.”

Currently, authorities in Mexico are leading the investigation. The FBI said they are assisting and providing resources.

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Anyone with information about Aguilar’s whereabouts is asked to contact the FBI or their local authorities.