By CBSLA Staff

PLAYA DEL REY (CBSLA) — Three friends caught a woman on camera in a racist tirade they say came out of nowhere while on their morning run along Dockweiler State Beach.

The women said they were called the n-word, among other derogatory things.

“You guys are so violent. You Africans are so (expletive) violent,” the woman was heard saying.

The friends involved in the incident say they were stunned, afraid and threatened.

“She said Black lives don’t matter, your life doesn’t matter, you need to go back to Africa. She said I’ll get you the cheapest flight back to Africa,” Brittany, one person in the friend group said.

The woman on camera eventually called police with what they say was a false report of being assaulted.

“I need a paramedic. I need an ambulance. My environment has been harmed by this African black person,” the unidentified woman was heard saying.

Brittany and her other friends say they have been vigilant more recently but that the reality of becoming a victim of one of these attacks is hard to comprehend.

“A direct attack in our face has never happened before and this was a good reminder that this does happen and it is right there in our faces,” Jessyka said.

The three women filed a hate incident report with the Los Angeles Police Department.

“What we’re hoping to leave people with is that encouragement to confront the hate and racism that they see in their inner circles. It’s unfortunate that people still feel this way but it can’t be on people of color alone to fix,” Raquel, another of the women said.

According to police, the woman on camera also called the police but later said she did not want to file charges.

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  1. She was voicing an opinion. Where’s the problem here?

    1. LOLWHUT says:

      Oh, the false police report for one, but you already knew that. You’re just trying to be contrarian .

    2. rumundtopf says:

      Probably the crime she committed. Penal Code 148.5 PC

    3. Bubba Bubba says:

      Feel free to voice your opinion but don’t get mad when others exercise their right to do the same and call out your BS. Too many people do not understand the 1st amendment. It just says the government cant throw you in jail what what you say but does not say others can’t call you out and tell you to f*** off. It’s freedom of speech, not freedom from criticism.

    4. Bean says:

      You, Boomer Boomer, you are the problem. Your being OK with this is the problem.

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  3. Follow Me says:

    another dirty white person. We will attack your kind. You and N1ggers are not allowed here anymore.

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