PORTER RANCH (CBSLA) – A group of demonstrators swarmed the Porter Ranch home of Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore Thursday night as week-long protests continued in response to the Wisconsin shooting death of Jacob Blake.

An aerial view of the home of LAPD Chief Michel Moore in Porter Ranch. Aug. 27, 2020. (CBSLA)

Video showed several dozen people walking up the driveway to Moore’s home and attaching signs to the garage and front entryway that read “Defund LAPD Now” and “Fire Chief Moore.”

People could also be seen writing messages on the sidewalk and walkway.

The home is in a gated community.

Moore was later seen on video using a power sprayer to wash off the exterior of his home and another person wiping down walls.

There was no word of any arrests.

Meanwhile, for the fourth straight night, several hundred Black Lives Matter protesters also marched downtown L.A. There was no word of any violence or arrests.

Black Lives Matter protesters in downtown L.A. Aug. 27, 2020. (CBSLA)

This comes after at least 10 people were arrested Wednesday night in clashes with LAPD officers in the Third Street Tunnel during which officers fired non-lethal rubber bullets.

Video from Monday’s protest showed some protesters throwing bottles and officers deploying tear gas. At least three officers were injured.

Protests have taken place nationwide following Sunday’s shooting of Blake in Kenosha, Wis.

The 29-year-old Blake was shot in the back by police multiple times. He remains hospitalized in serious condition. An attorney for his family says he is now paralyzed.

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  1. Boomer Boomer says:

    Worthless, sorry azz people. Lowlifes, at best. Arrest their sorry worthless butts…. All of them.

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  3. james says:

    whose paying the expenses for all of these protesters? they should arrest all, give them pink jumpsuits and put on the roads picking up trash!!!

  4. Joe says:

    Sure thing. Defund the police so you can loot and rob. Great idea.

  5. paul martinez says:

    Taxes are what we pay for a civilize society and what college professor are you listening to? So your doing this why ? So I can guess your not showing up at the Neighborhood watch meeting after all ???

    So LAPD Moore is upholding the law,,as you want to break the law and for this getting close to breaking the law as you protest , Your laws mean what?? Explain plzzzzz…

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