By CBSLA Staff

CORONA (CBSLA) — There’s a sign at the front desk at Lather Studio in Corona. It reads: “If you believe that your stylists’ livelihood is essential, email and tell her why.”

“They want me to stop operating indoors,” said salon owner Kira Boranian.

She just got slapped with a temporary restraining order. Riverside County says if she doesn’t comply with the COVID-19 health order and operate outside only, they may take her to court.

“I’m not folding. I’m staying open,” she said.

Boranian said she wonders why the county is taking action now, a full four months after she publicly announced her plan to defy the health order.

She said she made the decision so that she and her team of 35 stylists could continue to feed their families. There have been no issues with outbreaks so far.

“I opened April 27th, and we have not shut down, we’ve seen well over 4,000 clients,” she said. “We have not seen one single case.”

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is still adamant that it will not criminalize businesses by enforcing the health order. The county’s latest proposal to the state has the local beauty industry back open in 10 days.

“If they want to make an example of me, they’re messing with the wrong person,” Boranian said.

She’s also countersuing the county for harassment. She’s also holding a rally next Tuesday as well.

“We’re having a big rally in Riverside in front of the Board of Supervisors,” she said. “This whole thing is about what’s essential and non-essential. I’m way cleaner in here than a Target.”

She invited other small businesses to join her.

“From the beginning I said I was ready to fight and I am.”

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