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LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Can’t decide which Kobe-era jersey is your favorite?

Nike is bringing back its “Black Mamba”-inspired Lakers City Edition uniform in honor of Kobe Bryant Day (Aug. 24).

First released in 2017, the jersey – co-designed by Bryant himself – features a snakeskin print on a black interior, along with the Lakers iconic 3-D-style lettering and the scoop neck from the Showtime era jerseys.

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And for the first time, both of Kobe’s retired numbers will be on the same jersey – 8 on the front and 24 on the back – along with Bryant’s name.

But you may not be able to wear it anytime soon: the jersey was sold out on Nike’s website as of Monday morning.

  1. markgtt3 says:

    Kinda of a jerk article, “sold out”. So are they going to be available again? Why is the nba pushing exclusivity over actually making enough jerseys for everyone? Are they afraid of selling too much merchandise and flooding the market? Bunch of ghouls.

    This is just as bad as charging people to come to a memorial. No one has done for any other celeb, you think they charged people for John Louis’s memorials. Lakers wouldn’t even foot the bill to memorialize Kobe, so they got their broke (currently protesting police injustice) fans to pay for it.

    If China is gonna be part of the NBA’s merchandise equation maybe they can up their production so Kobe fans can get a damn jersey. Otherwise how can anyone take a league or it’s players seriously on stance of human rights and police injustice. There are endless horrible stories about China and Tibet or Hong Kong. And how the NBA silences it’s players and employees from saying anything. So they Don’t, except Daryl Morey but he apologized for siding with the HONG Kong Protestors.

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