By CBSLA Staff

WESTWOOD (CBSLA) — A water-main break so powerful it toppled two trees forced a street closure in the Westwood area as it flooded the UCLA campus.

A 30-inch pipe rupture was reported just after 1:30 a.m. Sunday in the 10600 block of West Sunset Boulevard. It was there that crews responded to thousands of gallons of gushing water.

No injuries have been reported, and no evacuations have been issued. About 10 cars on the school campus have flooded; however, firefighters have been able to divert the water flow from housing and residential structures.

“What we are looking to do right now is try to get the valves shut off and once we get the valves shut off, we can look at what our plan is either for diverting or removing water there at the UCLA campus,” said Deputy Chief Armando Hogan of the LAFD.

The break occurred not far from the 2014 water-main rupture, when a 30-inch pipe burst, flooding the campus. Sunset Boulevard has been closed until further notice.

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  2. 100 + year old water system. Old cast iron pipe. Those valves? Most likely, just as old and not easy to turn those rusty stems and gates settle in the seats to close off the water flow. Good luck.

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