By CBSLA Staff

SANTA CLARITA (CBSLA) — As an unprecedented heat wave continues to roll over the Southland, outdoor crews are struggling to find relief.

Javier Munoz, who works at a car wash in Stevenson Ranch, said he and other employees have no choice but to keep working despite the scorching temperatures.

“We need work, you know,” he said. “I’ve worked 20 years in this place, so I know the weather is very hot.”

The car wash has set up tents to give Munoz and other employees some relief, but staying cool and comfortable just isn’t possible with the physicality of their jobs.

“I drink water, I wear my towel, I put it behind my head,” Munoz said.

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Next door at Goodwill, 22-year-old Jerome Edgar is working non-stop in the heat accepting donations. He said he’s outside for most of the day, usually during the hottest hours.

“It can be frustrating sometimes, especially with the heat and everything,” he said. “But you gotta do what you gotta do.”
Edgar said he’s been through several summers in Santa Clarita, but nothing like this.
“It’s pretty humid, it’s pretty sticky hot,” he said. “You can just stand still and start dripping.”
Despite the amount of time he has to spend out in the sun, Edgar keeps a sunny disposition.

“I just hydrate all day,” he said. “Hydrate, stand in front of the fan, that’s pretty much it.”

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