LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – There were sparks and flames as a FedEx plane carrying two people made an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport early Wednesday morning following a landing gear malfunction.

Aug. 19, 2020. (OnSceneTV)

The Boeing 767-300 was flying from Newark International Airport in New Jersey to LAX when the malfunction occurred during landing at around 4:50 a.m., according to a Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson.

One of the two pilots aboard was rushed to a hospital with a non-life threatening leg injury, the Los Angeles Fire Department reports. The second pilot was unhurt.

Footage of the landing appeared to show sparks and flames coming off the plane.

FAA spokesperson Ian Gregor said in an email to CBSLA that the pilots were unable to extent the “left main landing gear,” forcing them to make an emergency landing on Runway 25R.

It’s unclear what kind of damage the plane sustained.

The National Transportation Safety Board and the FAA will investigate.

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  2. treadd says:

    If your going to make things up like saying “flames erupt” might as well go all in and say there were explosions as well. “Fedex plane erupts in explosions, fire, and sparks”. There ya go, click bait title at its finest. Then again, I’m here commenting, so I guess you still win.

    1. HSK Kelley says:

      In addition to the ‘erupting flames’ a nuclear blast went off, 500 terrorist began firing out the windows of the plane, an 7.5 earthquake shook the airport and Mt St Helen erupted. Stay tuned for this and all the latest fake news from today’s worthless media outlets.

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