Witnesses told CBSLA they heard anywhere from 30 to 50 gunshots.By CBSLA Staff

HARBOR GATEWAY (CBSLA) – A large party at a warehouse in an industrial area in the South Los Angeles County neighborhood of Harbor Gateway came to an abrupt end in the early morning hours Tuesday when dozens of shots rang out, wounding five people.

Aug. 11, 2020. (CBSLA)

An estimated 150 people were at Cutting Edge Productions, located in the 22900 block of Lockness Avenue, when there was a fight and then shots rang out sometime around 12:30 a.m.

Los Angeles police officers responded to find three women and two men with gunshot wounds. They were taken to hospitals in stable condition. The victims ranged in age from 20 to 39, police said.

“The five victims were transported to local area hospitals here in the Harbor area,” LAPD Capt. Jay Mastick told reporters. “All five were treated. One was in serious condition but is now in stable condition. All the victims are expected to be OK.”

At least 50 rounds were fired.

“There are dozens and dozens of casings from rounds that were fired at least from two different guns,” LAPD Det. Meghan Aguilar told CBSLA.

Investigators believe the shooting may have been gang-related. No suspects have been identified. They are checking the area for security cameras.

“We believe there are at least two shooters, just because of the locations of the guns and how quickly everything would have happened,” LAPD Det. Meghan Aguilar told CBSLA.

Aug. 11, 2020. (RMG News)

Cutting Edge Productions is a warehouse which rents out space to video shoots and special events. The owner told CBSLA that he was informed the event would be a small gathering. However, it quickly swelled to up to 150 people.

There were several cars parked in the area whose car windows were shattered by the gunfire as well.

This was the second such shooting at a large party in just the last week in the L.A. area. On Aug. 4, a woman was killed and two other people were wounded after shots were fired at a mansion party in the upscale hillside neighborhood of Beverly Crest.

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