By CBSLA Staff

BEVERLY HILLS (CBSLA) — Hundreds of supporters of President Donald Trump marched from West Hollywood to Beverly Hills on Saturday afternoon for a planned rally.

The group began gathering around 1 p.m. and grew from around 200 to approximately 400 protesters as of 2 p.m. Police shared that the group began to disperse around 5:30 p.m.

Demonstrators carried “Trump 2020” banners, American flags and signs saying “United We Stand.”

The event was organized by the Walk Away Foundation, which said the rally was planned to “speak out against the destruction of property and lives, the villainization of law enforcement and weaponization of tragedies.”

Police described the attendees as peaceful and said they were mostly staying on sidewalks in the area of Beverly Gardens Park at the Beverly Hills sign.

Law enforcement also warned of potential traffic delays due to the gathering but said authorities would continue monitoring crowds.

Actors Lorenzo Lamas, Scott Baio, singer Joy Villa and others spoke at the event in support of President Trump’s policies.

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  1. Diana Osborne says:

    That’s totally awesome! I had no idea and wish to be notified so I can join the march, please!

  2. Gary Murphy says:

    Every Saturday 3-5pm until the election is over.

  3. Tom Davis says:

    wonderful…a protest that was peaceful…we all know where the hate comes from…Trump 2020

  4. afriend too says:

    Too late. Traitor Trump is toast…

  5. Tom Davis says:

    Big movement in the OC…my neighborhood alone has 9 homes with big Trump flags along with the US flag. Time to get this rolling.

  6. God bless our Dear President! The best ever! We love you President Trump!!!!!

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