By CBSLA Staff

RIVERSIDE (CBSLA) — People across the United States, including people in Orange and Corona, have reported getting strange packages that they never ordered.

Among the deliveries are seeds, political propaganda and jewelry from overseas, sent straight to their mailboxes.

The Riverside County Agriculture Commissioner said on Wednesday that the department has received over 30 reports of items residents say they never ordered.

Cybersecurity expert, Todd Plesco, says it’s the re-emergence of an old scam.

“They target people whose addresses are listed, then they create a fake persona to do a review on the product after they’ve mailed it to you,” Plesco said. “I would check my credit card, I would check my finances, I would check my online shopping accounts. If you don’t find anything, you’re probably okay.”

As the USDA and Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Patrol investigates the deliveries, they are warning residents all across the country not to open the packages, to monitor their finances and contact their local agriculture.