By CBSLA Staff

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – The Los Angeles City Council is considering plans to pay Angelenos who test positive for COVID-19 to stay home.

A motion introduced Wednesday by Councilmember David Ryu would establish a $25 million “wage replacement program” for any Los Angeles resident – regardless of income, immigration status, or criminal record.

To be eligible, individuals would have to agree to self-isolate and provide public health information to Los Angeles County contact tracers, Ryu said.

The councilman’s proposal cited data showing communities of color, low-income communities and immigrants are more likely to become infected with COVID-19 and suffer from a higher mortality rate.

They are also more likely to work in essential jobs that cannot be done from
home and interface regularly with the public, according to Ryu.

“The only way out of this crisis is through increased testing and staying home if you’re sick,” Ryu said. “If we want to bend the curve, we need to make it possible for everyone to stay home when they’re sick – no matter their income or immigration status.”

Similarly, Council President Nury Martinez introduced a motion Wednesday asking for a report on a plan to provide up to $50 million in direct paycheck assistance to help low-income families with rent, food and other expenses.

Martinez says the “Right to Recover” motion aims to emulate a program that assists working-poor Latinos in San Francisco’s Mission District to pay them to stay home when they get infected with COVID-19.

“While Latinos are dying at twice the rate of White Angelenos in L.A. County from COVID-19, many of the safeguards meant to assist, including Federal Relief, are not reaching poor, immigrant Latinos and others, who often work as essential workers or simply do not have medical insurance or Paid Leave and cannot afford to stay home,” said Martinez.

Martinez’s motion recommends tapping the Federal CARES Act funding L.A. received to provide up to $50 million for her proposal.

The $2.2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act
(CARES Act), signed into law by President Trump in March, excludes undocumented immigrants from receiving aid.

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  1. BarbaraJAdams says:

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  2. Jumpy Jackson says:

    If my employer is paying me $XXX/week, the generous LA City Council will match it with another $XXX/week. Okay, I’m headed to LA. I’ll be there tomorrow.

    1. Jumpy Jackson says:

      I’ll bring 4 or 5 of my homeless pals with me.

  3. The Big D says:

    Why go to LA to collect. You just have to be a resident in spirit. Are they going to discriminate against those who desire an LA address? What kind of liberal values are those? I will be getting a check too as well as the rest of the world. LA must pay the entire world and they owe it. The have been oppressing the entire world for years taking advantage of them. There are sweat shops in other countries and the people of LA buy goods made by these people. That is oppression where I come from so they owe those people and they must pay them. We will scrounge LA if we don’t get checks too. We demand checks because LA owes us and we will collect. No more LAX which was built by illegals. We are owed free health care at your expense. You pay for what we get for free. That is the new order around here. Anyone who objects will be silenced.

  4. Mark Dimperio says:

    Oh Great. Another welfare program. Free, free, free, free, free, free, free.

  5. Jen says:

    The type of people this would attract are like the prisoners who were trying to get covid. Do you have to be able to fail 3rd grade math in order to get a job in city council? This plan to pay if you get the virus will increase transmission of the virus. This should not be offered randomly to the meth party dudes in the alley who would go get covid and spread it for fun and a bit of cash. The employer should be offered this if it is a small business to keep legitimate working people home who may spread it a a reimbursement program, a lot of legitimate working people have some kind of benefit through the employer and only if you work with the employer would this prevent double dipping….. This should not be offered randomly to the public but only to employers, self employed who are able to prove a positive test with doctor backup should be able to get a benefit….

    1. Pete Wagner says:

      Cobra Effect, exactly. You get more of what you want to get less of. Oh, the Dims.

  6. See this on Drudge and want real California news, check out

  7. lewsblues says:

    I don’t think, though it is a reasonable idea, that a city or state needs to get involved directly. They can spend federal dollars.

    If the Federal Government is preventing Americans from going to work through mandatory isolation, it is only proper that they insure that the country is fed and housed. If that is through stimulus checks, bring ’em on ….

  8. Pete Wagner says:

    Sheesh, you’d think they understand the Cobra Effect, with it coming up in the news feeds lately. But maybe the Dims like those types of snakes?

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