PALM SPRINGS (CBSLA) — A La Quinta man is already planning to get back on the trails after getting stranded in Joshua Tree National Park with a broken leg.

(credit: Robert Ringo)

Robert Ringo spent 40 hours in the desert, waiting for help after he broke his femur. In excruciating pain, he was not able to get himself out of the rocky terrain he found himself in.

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He recorded himself yelling for help and talking about being stranded with his phone, but couldn’t call for help because there was no cell service. But Ringo had done all the right things before leaving for his hike – tagged his location and shared it with his son, and brought two liters of water with him. He also ate juniper berries to survive.

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After nearly two days, Ringo was finally found by searchers, who airlifted him to Desert Regional Medical Center.

“I’m just so grateful, because I mean, if I had never been found, it would be just devastating for my family. I have a very large family,” Ringo said.

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Ringo says he looks forward to hiking again once his broken leg recovers.