By CBSLA Staff

BIG BEAR LAKE (CBSLA) — Signs posted around Big Bear Lake warning campers of “satanic cult activity” are fake, city officials confirmed on social media.

According to a City of Big Bear Lake Facebook post, signs reading, “ATTENTION CAMPERS: Due to increased Satanic Cult activity in this area, camping is not advised until further notice.”

The fake signs also mention that “several pets have been reportedly sacrificed in satanic rituals,” and that “several missing persons reports have been filed with local authorities.”

Big Bear Lake officials said the signs have been shared on social media and posted around the forest and are not official U.S. Forest Service signs.

They also confirmed there have been no known threats of these types of visitors in the area.

Anyone with information about who is posting this sign is asked to call dispatch at 909-383-5651.

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  1. Robert Frano says:

    Re: “Fake Signs Warning Campers Of Satanic Cult Activity, Animal Sacrifice Pop Up Around Big Bear Lake” {Headline / sub-header…}

    Originally…I WAS a born, ‘N, bred (baby-boomer) Catholic.
    The Vatican’s serial-failures to rejoin the human race in the 20th, (let, alone, 21st…), centuries, coupled with the ongoing, ‘(sexual-assault), danger(s) to children’ issues…cured me of my ancestral faith, circa 1969-’70.
    In my (NeoPagan) faith-circles, I’ve occasionally, encountered Satanists. They seemed a LOT, LESS prone to violence, ‘N, violence-related religio-political rhetoric / intolerance, of others, including the 101% unnecessary effort to recruit, (‘evangelize’), a sliver-piece of the ever, shrinking ‘true believer pie’…

  2. This is a hoax perpetuated by the US Forest Service to scare White people. They previously declared that National Parks are just “too White” and that is just not acceptable in 2020. Systemic racism prevents people of color from entering National Parks. Every “woke” person knows this already.

    1. Robert Frano says:

      Re: “…This is a hoax perpetuated by the US Forest Service to scare White people…” {johnnyrebellion}
      Why would ANY adult / most children, age 8/above, be scared, (Vs. amused to the point of ‘near, nausea’), re of such a preposterous ‘warning’?

      Are you alleging this is ‘official’ forest service policy, (clearly, illegal), or are you alleging the numskull(s) responsible were employees, w/ a bizarre P.O.V., acting, out their own weirdness?

  3. charles scott holman says:

    Someone is sick of all the campers

  4. Oveida Sinclair says:

    LOL, someone with a printer and an Adobe program has a warp sense of humor

  5. Must be part of Satanic cult The Pagans, as seen in 1987 Tom Hanks film “Dragnet.”

  6. stockhypers says:

    Ha! This is probably an anti-tourism play. Keep flat lander’s out of the Big Bear Area. Great idea for local beach areas.

  7. Sam RI Digsby MD says:

    Echos of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” except now it’s probably hippies protecting plants.

  8. Drudge bring you here? There’s a place for better real California news, fake or not.

  9. LazLoCoal says:

    These were being posted by the head of the Wiccans…Hillary Clinton.

  10. This is a big misunderstanding. My band was rehearsing for our upcoming tour in what we thought was a secluded spot in the woods. Some hikers were offended when the heard the lyrics to “Monstrance Clock”, “Ritual”, and “Con Clavi Con Dio.” We don’t really worship the Devil, we just sing about him.

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