SAN FRANCISCO (CBSLA) — A new study from the University of California San Francisco suggests that masks do protect the wearer from contracting COVID-19.

“This one tiny thing could get us through the entire pandemic, including possibly getting all of us immune so we can get through this faster,” said Dr. Monica Gandhi, the UCSF infectious disease doctor who led the study.

She said that new research shows the severity of a person’s COVID-19 symptoms can depend on how much of the virus enters the body.

“How much virus you get in is probably one of the most important determinants of how sick you get,” she said. “By having a mask over your face, it filters out the majority of viral particles. So, even if you do get exposed to COVID… you are going to get very little virus in, and if you do get COVID, you’ll get less sick.”

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Gandhi pointed out that research has already proved that wearing a mask does protect others from the wearer by blocking how much that person spreads viral particles. The new evidence suggests that wearing a mask may now be mutually beneficial.

“This paper is putting together all the data of why we think masks protect you,” she said.

Gandhi added that an important takeaway from the study is that if people experience less severe symptoms of COVID-19 because they wore masks, the population will achieve herd immunity more quickly.

The report will be published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine in July.

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  1. Gary Long says:

    Per the applicable CFR any respirator mask produced and labeled as an “N” (as in N95) must protect against particles no smaller than .3 nm with no less than a 95% efficiency. The coronavirus size is .125 nm. What else do you need to know?

    1. Physician says:

      Viruses don’t travel solo! That would be ridiculous. They live and travel on droplets.

      1. MikeK says:

        or on aerosols which are about 1000x smaller than droplets.

    2. Rory B says:

      Gary, condoms aren’t 100% effective either but are you still raw dogging it at the book store like you did in the 80s?

  2. Deidra Holland says:

    Dr. Monica Ghandi sold her soul to the DEVIL a long time ago when she took FAUCI money (aka our TAX DOLLARS via NIH). They call these lies “Flooding the Zones” with Covid19 BS.
    turn off your tv folks (stop believing the MSM!!! She is / was part of Fauci’s council :

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