CANYON COUNTRY (CBSLA) — Hundreds of people showed up to support a fruit vendor who was caught on video being harassed by the owner of a Canyon Country bar and grill.

The unidentified business owner approached the La Palma Fresh Fruit stand and laid into him for doing business in Canyon Country.

“Get it the f— out of here, this isn’t Pacoima, it looks like s—,” the man said, after the vendor protested that he wasn’t hurting anyone.

When the vendor pointed out how the business owner was coming at him, using the colloquial “bro,” the man continued to berate him.

“Don’t call me bro, I’m not your bro,” he said. The vendor replied that he wished they could be “bros.”

“I wish you were. I wish we were all friends. But that’s hard for some people to understand. Why?” the vendor said.

The exchange went viral online, prompting a few hundred people to line up at the fruit stand as a show of support.

The fruit stand’s owner says the incident was frightening, but they don’t plan on leaving the area.

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  1. k.j. mcgee says:

    the fruit guy is only trying to feed his family…leave him alone… and by the way, if the guy harassing him wants to be taken seriously, he really should have zipped up his pants before he started talking on camera…..geeze….

  2. David Valdez says:

    i wish they left the owners business name so we could protest. i would hate to have to protest all the bar and grills in canyon country.

  3. If he were in Stevenson Ranch area, he’d be removed. Bank on that one.000

  4. karenwatch says:

    Karen is at it again, Karens brother

    White people always minding their own business, being polite, nice, calm, beautiful, smart, funny, sassy, helpful, kind, nurturing, the best race, the most gentle, loving, rich, handsome, intelligent, being angel as they keep saying on the media. WHY does a white man get a pic of a jet ski while he just murdered his own fam then say he was an angel but made some wrong decisions in his life.

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