LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Riverside and San Bernardino counties reported additional deaths attributed to the novel coronavirus over the weekend as Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered a number of indoor businesses closed to slow the spread.

Customers enter a fast-food restaurant limiting only 10 guests with chairs cleared off the floor in Alhambra on July 1. Gov. Gavin Newsom Monday ordered additional restrictions as the pandemic surges. (Photo by Frederic J. Brown/AFP-Getty)

Newsom ordered a statewide closure of indoor operations for dine-in restaurants, movie theaters, family entertainment centers, museums and cardrooms. Breweries, bars and pubs were also required to close both indoor and outdoor operations entirely in every county.

In addition, gyms and fitness centers, places of worship, offices for non-critical sectors, personal care services, hair salons and barber shops and indoor malls were also ordered to close in counties on the state’s watchlist — including Riverside and San Bernardino.

Riverside County health officials reported 983 newly confirmed cases and 13 more fatalities over the weekend, bringing countywide totals to 25,748 cases and 550 deaths.

But, despite the county’s increases in hospitalizations and cases, some business owners still planned to stay open in defiance of the state order — much like they did the during the initial shutdowns.

“If all things were a lot more consistent, then I would be a lot more compliant,” Kelly Michelsen, owner of Self Made Training Facility in Corona, said. “We are encouraging everybody to stay open, and a lot of the franchise owners with Self Made are going to choose to do so this time around.”

And Kira Boranian, owner of Lather Studio in Corona who also defied orders to close in the spring, said she will once again keep her doors open.

“If the governor doesn’t want to hold looters and rioters responsible for not social distancing and wearing masks, then I will refuse to allow him to tell me what to do with my way of making an honest living,” Boranian said in a statement.

As of Monday, 511 people were being treated in the hospital with 139 of them in intensive care units. The county also reported that 9,711 people had recovered.

San Bernardino County health officials reported 1,227 newly confirmed cases and three more fatalities over the weekend, bringing the countywide total to 19,502 cases and 307 deaths. Of those who had contracted the illness, an estimated 10,836 had recovered.

There were 564 county residents being treated in the hospital Friday, with 165 in intensive care units.

As of Monday evening, 289,362 Riverside County residents and 181,718 San Bernardino County residents had been tested.

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  1. Willieboi says:

    Businesses who refuse to comply should have their licenses revoked and their power amd water shut off, per article 1 statute 9 of the US Constitution.

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