HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBSLA) — As temperatures heat up in Southern California, people are heading to the beach.

Orange County beaches are open for the first weekend this month after being closed over July 4th. Large crowds are expected as people search for ways to cool down.

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“We actually came out to the beach today,” said San Dimas resident Kristin Kern. “We’re trying to beat the heat out in San Dimas because it’s usually 90 to 95 degrees.”

Some of the beachgoers had traveled from out of state

“This is amazing,” said Phoenix resident Maxwell Wilson. “This is literally 30 degrees less than what it would be at home. At home, we’d be outside for maybe 30 minutes and then have to go immediately back inside.”

Huntington Beach is staffing 65 guards, a full compliment, because of the crowds expected here.

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“We’re probably talking 30,000 maybe more than that will show up,” said Huntington Beach Marine Safety LT. Claude Panis. “The beach will be packed. The lots are all open.”

People are being reminded to spread out on the sand and practice social distancing.

“Not worried about it,” said Irvine resident Kathy Toombs. “We’ve got a spot near the water and we made sure we’re distanced from everybody.”

“I think everyone should be wearing masks inside when they are going into shops and everything,” said beachgoer Murphy Demara. “But on the boardwalk, I see people wearing masks but I’m not participating in that because with the breeze coming in from the ocean I think we all should be fine.”

The ocean Friday at the Huntington Beach Pier was 68 degrees, about five degrees warmer than usual.

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Lifeguards said they are expecting many people to wade and swim and are warning swimmers to watch out for rip currents.