LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — In his Wednesday evening briefing, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a new online indicator that shows the current COVID threat level.

On Wednesday, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a new threat-level indicator for the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. (Credit: Mayor of LA)

“The infection threat level will be shown in the simplest way possible, with colors – using red, orange yellow and green,” Garcetti said.

Garcetti said the indicator was currently set to orange due to recent increases in cases, hospitalizations and infection rates.

“When the indicator is orange, you want to stay at home as often as possible, as you can, and only leave for essential activities like going to work or going to the market, and you should assume everyone around you is infectious,” Garcetti said.

If the threat level changes to red, Garcetti said people should stay at home, likely under Safer at Home orders. The increase in threat level also means that hospitals are almost full and might be unable to care for a large volume of patients.

If the threat level decreases to yellow, it means the curve is successfully being flattened, but precautions such as face coverings and physical distancing should still be taken. A threat level of green means COVID-19 is mostly contained and Angelenos are at low risk.

The city’s threat level indicator can be found on the city’s coronavirus website.

Garcetti also announced that the city would begin dispatching volunteer disaster service workers to check on businesses to ensure they were following COVID-19 health and safety guidelines and that mobile testing sites, previously dispatched to nursing homes, would now be headed to factories where recent outbreaks have been reported.