LONG BEACH (CBSLA) – Authorities are looking for two armed men who robbed and assaulted a street vendor Monday afternoon in Long Beach, an attack which was caught on security video.

June 29, 2020. (Credit: Ring)

The robbery occurred at 4:18 p.m. in the 1400 block of Locust Avenue. Security video from a nearby apartment showed the two suspects hitting and punching 50-year-old Bililfo Fernandez in the middle of the street. One of the suspects can also be seen producing what looks to be a handgun and pointing it at pedestrians on the sidewalk while the other continues to beat Fernandez.

According to Long Beach police, officers arrived on scene to find him laying on the ground with a small laceration to his upper body. His daughter, Maribel Fernandez, told CBSLA Tuesday that her father needed hospitalization for major head injuries.

Fernandez — a father of four — has been selling corn in the neighborhood for several decades, Maribel said.

“He’s a really good man, he loves his customers,” she told CBSLA. “Customers will call him on his cell phone. ‘What time are you gonna go to work because we want some corn?’ And they’ll just be waiting for him.”

(Credit: Ring)

The suspects pistol-whipped Fernandez and stole cash and personal property, police said. Unable to work, he has no health insurance and growing hospital bills.

The suspects were only described as two black men in their 20s. They remain at large.

“We want to know who are they, to get justice for my dad,” Maribel said.

Detectives are investigating. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Fernandez with medical bills and another one was set up by his daughter.

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  1. dale dale says:

    the assailants looked Black to me…is the reporter being polkitically correct by not stating that???..Black Lives Matter??..i think not~~!!

  2. jalna says:

    it’s right there, Dale, second to last paragraph. And Black Lives DO Matter. As well as justice for Mr. Fernandez

    1. Where is it in the newscast? That’s what people saw on TV. That is what he pointed out, not the article. All lives matter. Idiots like you only encourage this behavior from a culture where 6% of our population (black men) are responsible for over 43% of all crimes. Yet, proportionally to crimes, white men are more likely to die when encountering law enforcement. You are part of the lie and farce. The opinion of people like you are the cancer of misinformation in this country.

  3. jalna says:

    Luis, I had no idea he was commenting on the newscast. If I did not state my comment clearly, let me clarify: all lives DO matter, including those who are Black. It also matters that justice is done. Might I add that if you intend to educate another person on their reaction to the current state of tensions vis a vis race in our city/country (I’m sorry, I don’t know what else to call what you are saying in your comment), it is poor form to start the discussion by calling them an idiot. Please tell me what it is I should be listening to and/or doing.

    1. R c says:

      It is amazing how people protest for the BLM movement and all this scandal over police brutality, but whe you see the way young African North American behave, is simply: Embarrassing for the African community….. civilization no longer exists.

  4. chris brown says:

    Had proper social programs been in place when these adults
    were young, none of this would have happen.

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