TORRANCE (CBSLA) — Just as businesses across the state are beginning to reopen, Gov. Gavin Newsom is warning of another shutdown if current coronavirus numbers don’t improve.

“We have the capacity and ability to toggle back in terms of the stay-at-home order,” he said during a press conference on Thursday.

California’s hospitalization rates for COVID-19 have been steadily increasing. Currently, 4,240 people with coronavirus occupy hospital beds, which is a 32 percent increase from two weeks ago. Intensive care units are seeing 1,306 people with the virus, up 19 percent over the last two weeks.

MORE: ‘The Numbers Are High’: LA County Health Director Warns Of Rising Coronavirus Cases, Deaths, Hospitalizations

At Madre!, a restaurant in Torrance, the staff has done everything they can to be able to reopen, going above and beyond to meet the state’s health guidelines.

Carol Bautista, the restaurant’s manager, said that if businesses have to shut down again it’s not just the restaurant’s fate she’s worried about.

“We would have to let go of all our employees one more time, and they were already struggling,” she said.

Many other restaurants in Torrance have yet to even reopen.

“Just driving around Torrance, you see so many things shut down because of coronavirus and not reopening,” said one customer. “So that’s also hard to see.”

Newsom said he would consider closing businesses again only if there starts to be a serious strain on the healthcare system. He said the state has also canceled further reopening plans until the case growth is under control.

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  1. aboli says:

    Close down everything. Time to keep people in their place.

    1. jdude says:

      how about go f urself

    2. TRUTH, GET SOME says:

      You are a mind controlled, lazy , [too lazy to get informed], TV WATCHING FOOL.

    3. Daniel Purcell says:

      Yeah, tell that to your BLM Marxist buddies…Oh, wait, they are.

    4. Larry Bean says:

      Close down bars and restaurants in certain cities. Close down should be city by city. Young people want to get out and hook up and sow their seeds.

  2. Karen Summers says:

    No, I don’t want another shutdown. I will only go stir-crazy. Please don’t shut down anything. This virus can be contained without shutting down anything.

    1. TRUTH, GET SOME says:

      Karen, Honey, You are in the USA, ……. Stop SURRENDERING YOUR FREEDOM TO A TOTAL BULLSHHT CON.

  3. D W says:

    We will not comply. You let protestors, rioters, and looters congregate. So WE will do whatever the hell WE want TOO you liberal POS.

  4. Rosey says:

    It’s because of people like all of you commenters that California is in such trouble again. If you would just simply wear a mask in public, this would not be coming back so strongly here. It’s not political; it’s a public health issue. You will have a lot less personal freedom if you are in a hospital on a ventilator. Get over yourselves and do what is right for everyone else in the state.

    1. Jean says:

      Well said.

    2. rrrraaaaaaaammmmmm says:

      Um masks are not the solutions shutting down again is not the solution. Anything to keep the sheeple in check. Of course cases are on the rise we are testing more and yet we are still at a 99% recovery rate. and before you start calling names I am a RN who just finished NP school so please spare me any of your google science. Anything to keep people from voting in person so they can cheat with mail in voting. I do not wear a mask and neither do my children. Its called herd immunity.

  5. PanicPorn? says:

    “Currently, 4,240 people with coronavirus occupy hospital beds, which is 32 percent more than 2 weeks ago…”

    There are 79,000 hospital beds in CA. Even with 4,200 people, that’s 5% of the available beds. Yet this article talks about emergency hospitals being set up?

    32% more virus hospitalization for the partial state opening, so about 1200 extra beds are being used….. 1200 sick people is reason the state of CA is a shutdown of 39 million Californians.

    I’m not pooh-poohing the virus, but would anyone in Hollywood be able to sell this?
    When the post pandemic studies are done, a lot of government, media and medical people will need to explain a lot.

    1. omgomgwearegonnadie says:

      BLM fizzled out, so it is back to full-on covidpanic mode until November

      1. qwerty1 says:

        Nailed it!

  6. letsreopenlmaojk says:

    you reap when you sow living in commiefornia

  7. Here from Drudge? For more real California news, see

  8. lunatk999 says:

    new lock right before july 4th. biggest american holiday. and probably early november too? yeah. Even Ray Charles can see through that one gavin.

  9. Oh PLEASE do it Gavin. It’ll be sure to hand Trump a victory in November. And with any luck, it’ll boot your butt out of office!

    1. Rosey says:

      Why keep making it political? It is purely a public health issue and for whatever reason, many people think like you and therefore do not do their part in keeping others safe.

      1. Auntie FA says:

        Rosey, dear, please change the remote from CNNLOL & MSDNC – they are lying to you in order to control you. Sad to see it works on so many…

  10. Daniel Purcell says:

    Your maskless BLM Marxist rioters and looters have proven that Covid is a fraud.

  11. dispatchdude says:

    Governor Nuisance is at it again.

  12. That Marxist jerk needs his money supply ‘cut off’. No paycheck and cannot touch his cash reserves. Let the jerk live in a homeless encampment.
    Our Governor, the entitled one. Vote his ass out !!! Next election.

  13. Ana Nimity says:

    The Covid virus is disappearing; as it goes through the population of healthy people it loses strength and dissapates. The left-wing Democrat Party, control freaks, especially those who are related to Nancy Pelosi and want to do everything to defeat Mr. Trump in November, have done the opposite of what should have been done, if this wasn’t an election year and if the lunatics like Fauci hadn’t caused the heard to panic and stampede. The Wuhan virus would have gone away on it’s own. But the Democrats have probably destroyed the economy irreperably because Democrats elected the.

    There is a petition to recall Newsome and there should be one to recall Garcetti (the worst mayor in Los Angeles history; homeless epidemic; crime out of control; higher taxes; wasteful spending; and nothing works in the city).

    Sign the recall petitions or keep locking down for your dictators.

  14. Ev Mecham says:

    No sympathy. You Califruita idiots keep voting for Democrats. Democrats support domestic terrorists like #BLM and #Antifa. Democrats disarm you. You richly deserve your fate, Califruita!

  15. Romney Wordsworth says:

    Just left a doctors office where the conversation wound up with a discussion about the politics and media deception surrounding the virus in spite of widely available evidence, ‘science’ if you will…. and his dissenting voice being silenced ‘there are a lot of us’ were his exact words.

    This is all theatre folks.

    1. qwerty1 says:

      Well said

  16. Think ForYourself says:

    PLANdemic / SCAMdemic in COVID-19 alive and well. NAZI criminals in Sacramento taking away people’s rights and property and ability to support and feed themselves, while they live off the taxpayers themselves. F them all.

  17. Boomerstryingtoholdontopower.BYEEEEE says:

    “oh look at me, my ‘important’ opinion matters so much. conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory, blah blah blah,”……every comment here… nobody cares…

    1. LaLa Palooza says:

      Oh look, another entitled snowflake who actually thinks they are relevant. why don’t you let your mommy put some Desitin on that sore spot. Of course you’ll have to move your head first!
      Go back to lisping and winking at the other little boys while you play with your dolls. The grown-ups will take care of this in due time…..

  18. Sideshow Bob says:

    The communists aka Democrats, are the worst disease in human history.

  19. James says:

    Its so obvious that it’s simply due to the protests.

  20. David Russell Foley U.S. Bureau of Prisons Inmate No. 13141-111 says:

    Shut it down. The USA lived thru WW2 with rationing, 12 million men in the military, hundreds of thousands killed or permanently maimed in overseas combat … we ought to be able to AT LEAST deal with having to stay home for a year or two. WW2 for the USA took five years.

    1. qwerty1 says:

      We did that, the deaths are way way way, way down. It’s only attacking the sick and weak and everyone else is social distancing with masks, so what’s the problem? Besides the cases we imported into the Imperial County to spread to the rest of So Cal.

  21. ALM_Not just BLM says:

    Keep on protesting and go against the Stay AT Home Order…and now wondering why the cases going up…HMMMM….

    James Wood was 100% right on his twitter post ~2 weeks ago…go read it if you care to…

  22. RINO CHASER says:

    Gavin Newsom is a tyrannical dictator. We are petitioning to recall this communist.

  23. RINO CHASER says:


  24. billsbowl says:


  25. I have an idea, lock down all the cities where BLM and Antifa where/are rioting. Talk about not keeping safe distance….

  26. sam johnson says:


  27. KaliforniaUberAlles says:

    The dictator Gov Nuisance has spoken.

  28. j2289 says:

    Recall dictator Newsom: One of the democrat governors that is a China lapdog is CA socialist gov Newsom. Newsom is pushing CA towards socialism: sanctury cities, free healthcare for illegals, illegals voting, statewide rent control, massively higher property taxes by abolishing Prop 13, stopping your kids from inheriting your house with its existing prop tax basis.. Get involved! We must try again to recall dictator Newsom. Anybody is better! For recall petition forms, CA voters go to:

  29. It’s time to recall this Communist.

  30. Courtney says:

    The governor can not legally shut down. In reality he didn’t have the power he first time becasue the Emergency Management Service Act only goes into affect if there is “extreme peril” that can’t be handled by exising agencies, cities, and counties and it only last for 60 days. He didn’t have the power then (not that the damn media will tell you) and certainly doesn’t now.

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