RIVERSIDE (CBSLA) — A woman who lives outside Riverside said her blind horse died after injuring itself when it got scared by fireworks and broke out of its paddock.

The horse, Gammera, was 33 years old but her owner Sharon Holmberg said she still had much more life left.

Holmberg said “horrendous booms” from illegal fireworks, which had been rattling her Riverside County neighborhood every night for weeks now, spooked Gammera.

Last Friday, the horse slammed into a wooden fence while trying to run away from the noise, badly injuring her leg and face.

Holmberg learned days later that Gammera also suffered internal injuries and her veterinarian needed to put her down.

She left a note about Gammera’s death on mailboxes in her community so whoever has been setting off the fireworks can know what happened.

It turns out Gammera wasn’t the only animal affected by the fireworks going off in their neighborhood.

Holmberg said another neighbor added onto the note that their dog got scared as well and ran into the street, where it was hit by a car and died.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Office says their non-emergency dispatch line has been overwhelmed with calls about illegal fireworks, which could have adverse effects on pets and neighbors suffering from PTSD.

Anyone setting off fireworks can be fined $1,000. To report fireworks, officials ask residents to fill out this form. For emergencies, call 911.

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  1. Michael C says:

    Makes you wonder what sort of organizing is behind this extraordinary amount of fireworks? Complaints are up around 300% from last year around the country in “hot spots” means that there’s something afoot.

    1. BRUCE GREGORY says:

      Just another set of laws that people know won’t be enforced. Perhaps people feared getting caught in the past, but now they realize the police aren’t enforcing many laws. Traffic laws are another set of laws being broken with impunity. People blow through stop signs and traffic lights. Honestly, tell me when you last saw someone pulled over getting a ticket. Just wait until they cut back on the police forces. The progressives believe the people will self-police. No, the wild west is returning. Get used to it.

  2. Barack says:

    It’s the price you have to pay to live among leftists. Shut up and get used to it.

  3. Vincent says:

    Please name just one thing that fireworks are good for, other than the Chinese economy. There is a long list of negatives such as people inhaling the heavy metals from the explosions, loss of life and limb, pollution of the air water and land – and exactly why are we doing this – This is the for the amusement of the careless and reckless GDP (Generally Dumb Public).

    1. Please name just one thing Vincent is good for. Other than taking up space and giving a bit of matter something to do for a few years.

      Fireworks are entertainment. I don’t like watching them, as I find them boring, but I’m also smart enough to realize that just because *I* don’t like something, it doesn’t mean other people don’t.

    2. M80orCherryBomb says:

      Entertainment… celebration that brings us together…historically creating fireworks spurred chemistry and color science which effect every aspect of your life.

      And… of course… it ticks off liberals who have lost the joy of their lives.

    3. Vince is just a bigot. He complains about fireworks on his radio show all the time. He helps people with a lot of great information, so you’ll just have to deal with his bigoted complaints about the gays and fireworks. In return you might learn something from USA prepares radio show.

  4. tommy says:

    trace from where the idiots are getting the fireworks? cut off the supply. Make it a huge fine for unlicensed importers. usually, money hurts the most.

  5. Vincent says:

    “Licensed” Importers – do you mean pay a tax to the the corporate government for permission to buy and use explosives? How about we just ban explosives period – the kind that the GDP buys and the kind the government corporations buys – like bombs.

  6. sam ray says:

    Most likely the ChiComms dumping fireworks on America to cause disruptions during the present chaos in the country. It seems too well planned to be a just a coincidence. Probably using the same networks they use to push Fentanyl. Happening in too many cities across country all at the same time. Plus they can make a profit at the same time. First Fentanyl, then the virus, now fireworks. What’s next from our ChiComm friends.

    1. Come on. Use your brain. Is there something happening in the next week and a half – anything at all – that brings a lot of fireworks into the U.S.? No? No holidays or anything?

      Unless you believe that fireworks just magically appear across the U.S. for the 4th of July, you have to admit that maybe companies have been getting ready for annual fireworks sales like they do at the end of June every year. Should they be in the hands of the public yet? Not in many states. But the timing actually makes sense. Did we get reports of tons of fireworks in May? In early June? Nope. Just now, awfully close to the holiday that is celebrated with explosions in the sky…

  7. sparkymcbiff says:

    There is major Marxist money behind all these professional grade fireworks that are being set off 24/7 around the country. This is all planned.
    No Leftists or Democrats behind the illegal coup have been charged at all.
    They all lie under oath with no repercussions, yet innocent people involved with the Trump campaign have been charged over nothing.
    Bill Barr is doing nothing at all.
    There is no rule of law.
    The commies are taking over and America is finished.

  8. jabusse says:

    Hard to say what is happening. No one seems to be actively seeking to find out. Neighbors know who does this stuff and they are silent. makes me think it is just Mexico moved north. Something to look forward to by all those who don’t want the wall and strong illegal enforcement.

  9. Eric says:

    The people who are breaking the law to play with illegal fireworks don’t care about your horse, or you, or anyone else than themselves.

  10. DeeJay says:

    This is a form of psychological warfare. Loud noises throughout the night. Remember WACO? The fact that this is happening in every city where the Marxist group BLM and anarchist Antifa should demonstrate that there are sophisticated “Weathermen”radicals” possibly combined with America hating “Jihadists”financing and coordinating these terrorist tactics. The fact these governors and mayors are allowing this suggests they’re on board with it.

  11. tiki886 says:

    Zoos don’t seem to have a problem.

  12. aboli says:

    Enjoy the new order, you’re complaining falls on deaf ears.

  13. Oh, well. Sh!t happens. I’m just here to read the comments.

  14. Those fireworks come from the same place the Virus started. Soon, the supply will be cut off. Let the lunatics ‘get their rocks off’ for now. It’s the young people firing off the fireworks to compensate for lack of teen sex or masturbation techniques.

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