SEAL BEACH (CBSLA) — Gov. Gavin Newsom Wednesday sounded the alarm that the spread of the novel coronavirus was increasing across the state and announced that the state would withhold $2.8 billion in pandemic relief funding from counties that fail to enforce face covering and social distancing mandates.

Seal Beach in Orange County has reopened for both active and passive use. (Credit: CBSLA)

And in Seal Beach, where Orange County officials rescinded a local order mandating face coverings, people were out in groups Wednesday evening — some wearing face coverings, others without.

“The mask you’re wearing does protect other people,”  OC Supervisor Don Wagner said. “It’s an important step, but it’s not the only one, and for the governor to threaten, ‘I’m going to take your funding,’ if you don’t do what he thinks is best flies in the face of local control.”

Last week, Newsom ordered a statewide face covering mandate.

Orange County health officials Wednesday announced their highest one-day total of coronavirus-related deaths since the pandemic began.

And across the state, Newsom said the rate at which people have tested positive for COVID-19 was at 5.1% — a 10% increase from two weeks ago — and the state reported 7,139 new cases, an increase of 69% since Monday.

Newsom also said 4,095 people were being treated in area hospitals, a jump of 29% in just two weeks.

“The reality is, I’m not naive, people are mixing, and that is increasing the spread of this virus,” he said. “It shouldn’t surprise anyone.”

Newsom made an impassioned plea for people to recommit to social distancing and covering their faces, warning that if the numbers continue to increase, the state might have to shut down again.

“Wear a mask, please,” he said. “Do so not only for yourself, but for others. Be responsible.”

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  1. toughterry says:

    hmmmm, Grusome’s dictate couldn’t have anything to do with the masks that have recently been delivered from China, could it? Californians paid millions for that order.

    1. BDrummond says:

      The masks you or I order and wear have nothing to do with what the state has purchased.

  2. jayesouthworth says:

    Please tell me how wearing a facemask, fidgeting with it constantly by touching it and adjusting it then touching objects around you out in public. Touching the produce, handles on carts, etc. Then the problem of breathing in your own CO2 causing lung problems and pleurisy. False readings on your oxygen level (dangerous for COPD patients). It’s a false sense of security. Lose weight, quit smoking, quit touching your face, and wash your hands. I’ve lived through 70 years of diseases – some more worse than COVID (which isn’t that lethal). Fauci Fakey is feeding you all a line of BS (Newsome as well).

    1. thecold0ne says:

      Sounds like you already drank the Orange Juice. Thought not sure why you have to attempt to spread misinformation by commenting on news articles.

    2. thecold0ne says:

      I honestly don’t see the issue with making it mandatory and why I see so much entitled baby rage over being told to wear mask. It’s simple, cheap, preventative and can keep us from going into another shutdown state-wide.

      I can understand exceptions for medical conditions, but aside from that, all I hear are flat-earthers who also don’t understand how breathing works. Or they somehow think a proper mask is the same as putting a plastic bag over their head.

  3. Pamela says:

    Being asked to wear a mask is not a hoax.

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