GARDENA (CBSLA) — An investigation is underway after Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies fatally shot an auto shop security guard in Gardena Thursday evening.

Family members identified the victim to CBSLA as 18-year-old Andres Guardado.

An undated photo of 18-year-old Andres Guardado, who was shot and killed by L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies on June 18, 2020, in Gardena, Calif. (Family photo)

The shooting happened in the 400 block of Redondo Beach Boulevard, near South Figueroa Street, at about 5:53 p.m., according to the sheriff’s department. Deputies patrolling in the area said they saw a man flash a gun and then run south between two businesses.

Andrew Heney, the owner of the Freeway auto body shop, confirmed to CBSLA that Guardado worked as a private security guard for the shop.

“We had a security guard that was out front, because we had just had certain issues with people tagging and stuff like that,” Heney said. “And then the police came up, and they pulled their guns on him and he ran because he was scared, and they shot and killed him. He’s got a clean background and everything. There’s no reason.”

Deputies gave chase, and after a short foot pursuit, Guardado was shot by deputies in the upper torso, LASD said.

“Deputies observed the individual, at which point he observed the deputies,” an LASD spokesperson said Thursday night. “The individual then produced a handgun, and then began running southbound away from the deputies through businesses nearby. Deputies engaged in a short foot pursuit between the two businesses, at some point the deputies contacted the suspect and that’s when the deputy-involved shooting occurred.”

Family members of Guardado confront deputies at the scene. June 18, 2020. (CBSLA)

Guardado died at the scene. According to LASD, deputies recovered a gun that was devoid of any identifying marks or serial numbers and contained a loaded large-capacity prohibited magazine.

Deputies also said Guardado was not recognized as licensed security officer by the state of California. The also said he was not wearing any identifiable clothing or a uniform indicating he was working in the capacity of a security guard.

It was unclear how many deputies opened fire on him.

“He was a good man,” Jennifer Guardado, the sister of the victim, said. “He was gonna make it in life. He was gonna make it and become a good, professional man in life, but they took that away from my family and me.

“My parents are completely destroyed. We’re all dead already inside.”

Family members confronted deputies at the scene Thursday night and told reporters they did not believe Guardado was armed.

“I’d never heard or seen him have any kind of weapons,” Celina Avarca, Guardado’s cousin, said. “He never talked about them.”

The family said LASD investigators removed security camera video along with some of the cameras from businesses in the area.

Avarca said Guardado was working two jobs and was trying to become a registered nurse.

“I lost a part of me, it’s empty, and I’m never gonna have him back,” his sister said. “I’m never gonna see him, he’s never gonna talk to me, I’m just, I can’t, I just can’t believe this happened to my brother. It really hurts me.”

This is the second fatal shooting involving LASD deputies in two days.

On Wednesday, deputies fatally shot Terron Jammal Boone, identified by family as the half-brother of 24-year-old Robert Fuller, a black man who was found hanging from a tree last week in Palmdale.

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  1. Sophie Katt says:

    Well, yeah. That’s gonna happen when you provide law enforcement agencies all over this nation with military grade weaponry. As of September 2014 more than twenty school district police agencies received military-grade equipment through the federal 1033 program. At least 117 colleges and universities in the United States have used the 1033 program to acquire military-grade equipment through their campus police departments.

    Between 2006 and 2014, police departments in Arizona collectively amassed a military arsenal that included: 712 rifles, 64 armored vehicles, 42 forced-entry tools, 32 bomb suits, 704 night-vision items, 830 units of surveillance equipment, and, in at least one department, “a .50 caliber machine gun that shoots bullets powerful enough to blast through the buildings on multiple city blocks.

    Isn’t it evident? Your local police department is just ITCHING to use their toys on the citizenry.

    What, did you think the police are merely going to shoot at each other?!?

    No, this arsenal is for US. It’s for US because that’s what our police are now being brainwashed to believe: “US” against “THEM”.

    Your local police department is NOT on your side – as far as they are concerned YOU are the enemy.

    And they have the means to deal with YOU, my friends. You don’t have to be armed – they can kill you, your child, your elderly parent. Your mentally-ill brother, your pregnant sister, your neighbor and your kid’s Sunday School teacher.

    THIS is what happens, when you arm your local police department as if they are going to war against the populace.

    And now that they have, who’s going to stop them??

  2. Dan says:

    if he was a security guard he would have had a gun. If the gun was planted, he was not a security guard. Anyway who hires an illegal security guard?

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