PALMDALE (CBSLA) — Security camera footage released this week showed the tense moments a mother left a protest in Palmdale to seek help for her 11-month-old son, who had stopped breathing.

Video from May 31 shows a woman frantic to find help for her son, who had gotten sick, stopped breathing, and lost consciousness. The pair had been participating in a protest nearby.

One woman was seen running ahead toward deputies who were across the street monitoring the protest, and coming back with Deputy Cameron Kinsey, who ran to meet them in the parking lot of a supermarket in the 3000 block of Rancho Vista Boulevard.

“None of that other stuff matters,” the deputy said about the protest happening around them at the time. “Just the baby.”

The mother handed the boy over to the deputy, who assessed the child, administered a mouth sweep with his finger and dislodged vomit, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. A moment later, the baby was able to breathe again and regained consciousness.

Paramedics later took the child to a hospital, where it was found he swallowed a coin, which lodged in his throat and blocked his airway. The mouth sweep performed by the deputy turned the coin sideways, allowing air to pass through.

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    Yea and the protesters want to eliminate police from the streets,!!!!!!! better start re thinking ans what you wish for>

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