SAN BERNARDINO (CBSLA) — Two men have been arrested in connection with the looting of a T-Mobile store in San Bernardino during recent protests.

Siante Lockridge, 28, and Anthony Flewellen, 36, both of San Bernardino, are in custody on burglary charges.

(credit: San Bernardino Police Department)

Police say the store’s glass door was broken down on May 31 by unknown suspects, and high-value cell phones and other electronic devices worth more than $8,000 were taken. One of those items happened to be an iPhone 11 box, which contained a tracking device. While the store was being looted, two people first tried a gun, then household tools to force entry into an inventory room, where surveillance cameras caught images of two men.

The day after the store was looted, a T-Mobile employee reported to the San Bernardino police that one of the phones was being tracked to a home in the 3700 block of RidgeLine Drive. The homeowner gave investigators one phone that was verified to be among the items stolen from T-Mobile store, but employees told police the tracking device continued to ping from the home.

Siante Lockridge, left, and Anthony Flewellen, right. (credit: San Bernardino Police Department)

Police executed a search warrant at the home on June 4 and identified Lockridge and Flewellen as the two men seen in the surveillance video. During the search, two semi-automatic handguns were also found and collected as evidence. Police did not say if the tracked cell phone or any other items were found.

Anyone with information about looting during the recent protests in San Bernardino can call Detective W. Porch at (909) 384-5640 or by email at, Sgt. M. Aranda at (909) 5642 or by email at, or send the information to

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  1. mpzz says:

    Looting during a riot should automatically carry a minimum of two years in prison.

  2. Ted Turner says:

    Gotta be Fake News because the media said these protests were peaceful. What would peaceful people be doing with guns and stolen merchandise?

  3. Mammy says:

    Mammy says “Deys goot boys, neva do’s nuffins wrong dey just got mixed up wid da wrong crowd ‘n sheeeeit.”

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