HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA) — 2020 Pride celebrations mark the 50th anniversary of annual LGBTQ+ Pride traditions as protests are erupting across the country in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In a show of inclusivity and solidarity, volunteers painted “All Black Lives Matter” in the middle of the busy Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue intersection on Saturday to honor black LGBTQ+ people and the fight for justice nationwide.

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

The message was painted in assorted colors that represent diversity in the LGBTQ+ community, including the colors of the Rainbow flag and Transgender Pride Flag.

Similarly, earlier this month, Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser had “Black Lives Matter” painted in yellow on a street leading to White House.

An All Black Lives Matter march is set to take place in Los Angeles on Sunday starting at 11 a.m. at Hollywood and Highland.

“The protest is in direct response to racial injustice, systemic racism, and all forms of oppression,” ABLM said on its website. “The LGBTQ+ community must extend its support to unite against oppression, police brutality, racism, transphobia, and the many other disparities disproportionately impacting the Black community.”

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  1. So, they received a green light to deface public roadways?

  2. Dan R says:

    I want my name painted on every street in America and at every church there must be an alter to bow down to an image of me. If everyone behaves I will not require that my image be placed on all the US money instead of just replacing George Washington on the $1 bill. Maybe I want to be on the $100 bill and replace Benjamin Franklin. He was never a president anyhow. I don’t think there is another non-president on any bills. I want The Donald on one, maybe on the $5 replacing Lincoln. George Washington is on the quarter too. He has plenty going for him.

  3. bill stones says:

    Tell that to Chicago

  4. If you clicked on Drudge to get here, for more real California coverage, click on http://www.PressCalifornia.com

  5. jshell says:

    All black lives, except for the unborn, right? I mean, I just want to be sure.

  6. Warrior of GOD says:

    NONE of the black lives matter…Is this what you want? Well you got it! Racial tensions at an all time high….Black vs White…..Evil vs Good…..It’s time to send them all back to Africa!

    1. Oveida Sinclair says:

      I totally agree with you, if they have it so bad and they’re so upset about their forefathers being slaves, give a thousand dollars and a one way no return ticket to Liberia where they came from

  7. Bob J says:

    Having this social media on public streets is reverse racism.
    The streets are meant for all and not some private feelings hurt minority group.
    This will backfire.

  8. David A says:

    including the black fetuses killed in abortions?

    1. Oveida Sinclair says:

      I say open an abortion clinic on every predominate Black street

  9. Tom Roberts says:

    I hope someone paints White Live Don’t Matter on the walls of the crematorium where the city burns their white homeless population 24 hours per day. Of course there are no headlines since dying and being cremated are better than living in a gutter.
    Can we build some housing before letting in more cheap labor? I know our generous leaders would gladly provide a very generous 6 by 6 foot square for each worker if only other workers would pay the tax bills.

  10. lauramerrone says:

    All inclusive except for white Christians… and Jews too… Gee, sounds like the Nazi’s all over again…

  11. Alan Whitney says:


  12. CAH says:

    I am gay and some of the most intolerant people are black pastors toward black gay people!!! Imagine being young, black and gay!! Talk about three strikes against you….some of the money pouring into BLM should go to address these injustices!!

    1. Steve Michell says:

      Then you should stop choosing to suck dix and you would only have 2 strikes?

  13. Red Feather says:

    Your tax dollars at work. It’s nice to know we are working for BLM now.

  14. Veee says:

    Does that include the black lives in chicago, in the womb, etc?

  15. waltz says:

    Where this is going is a law forbidding cops from arresting or shooting African Americans no matter what they do. that will REALLY gfix the problem.

  16. Oveida Sinclair says:

    Most Black lives are dysfunctional, criminal drug addict like George Floyd and that parasite drunk in Atlanta that was capped the other night.

  17. BoxNoxious says:

    What about All Chinese Lives Mattering? What about All Hispanic Lives Mattering? I could say another group or too, but that might be considered racists by today’s standards.

  18. Omar Cortez says:

    Why was ALL add?

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