Last Updated 1:46am PDT, 10/23/2020


Officials are warning residents of Los Angeles to stay diligent as the fall and winter could be worse for COVID-19. A pilot program with 20k paper test strips are ready to be rolled out “in the next few weeks.”

Stay At Home

COVID-19 cases have the potential to be worse in the fall and winter in Los Angeles, according to epidemiologists.


Three COVID-19 cases were reported at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley after reopening for indoor services.

Business & Facilities

Disney announced Friday that it will soon be reopening Buena Vista Street in California Adventure Park to shoppers and diners. This is expected to happen sometime in November.

Healthcare Status

A pilot program for COVID-19 paper strip tests will be rolled out “in the next couple of weeks” within Los Angeles; 20k tests ready to be administered.


A student has tested positive for COVID-19 one week after Los Alamitos High School reopened for on-campus education.



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