VENTURA (CBSLA) — County officials have apologized for a Spanish-language coronavirus poster that instructs people to keep three produce crates apart.

Ventura County had sent out the posters to demonstrate with common items the distance people should maintain to help slow the spread of coronavirus. One English-language version of the poster had used skis to illustrate the distance.

(credit: CBS)

The Spanish-language poster used three crates of produce, prompting one Facebook post to ask, “This is real?”

The county of Ventura says they had issued several versions of the poster, and the Spanish language version was intended to provide “social distancing messaging for farmworkers at the farms.” Ventura County has a large farmworking community.

“We understand this has caused offense and we apologize,” a Facebook post from the county said.

Officials say a new version will be distributed this week.

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  1. Geno M Apicella says:

    You’re joking, right? People were offended by this? Actual human beings were offended? If they were, this has really gotten out of hand.

  2. Ocean Dragon says:

    This story as well as the people offended are truly laughable. Here in Ventura County, the highest demographic hit are the latinos. This is because they have the lowest understanding of the pandemic. This will not only hurt them and their families, but will also affect the general public. The cities of Fillmore, Santa Paula and east Oxnard are the hardest hit in the county. I think crates are visually easy to remember. I see many latinos at Vallarta Market who don’t understand how far 6 feet is. The store was turning away those who did not wear face masks too. I am more offended that this poster needed to be in a language other than our national language.

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