SANTA ANA (CBSLA) — A large group of protestors has continued to gather in Santa Ana, despite the city’s 10 p.m. curfew.

Around 8 p.m.,  a small crowd had gathered at the intersection of 17th St. and Bristol St., on the corner of the Santa Ana College campus. The group was expected to grow significantly, prompting some businesses in the area to board up their windows in anticipation of any looting.

As the curfew rolled around, some began to leave but a large portion of the crowd remained.

Throughout the day, those marching were met with honks and cheers from anyone driving by. Demonstrations have been happening in Santa Ana and across Orange County all throughout Saturday, drawing thousands.

One protest, which drew around 700 people, walked to Memorial Park, where they listened to speakers and demanded justice for George Floyd.

“So many of my friend think this is not about us, and it’s not about us, but it’s about how we can stand up for them,” said protestor Michael You.

The crowds called for an end to police brutality in the wake of the deadly arrest of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25. Protests across the nation have endured for nearly two weeks.

Julie Humphreys said she was inspired to join a demonstration on Saturday after watching others show out over the past 12 days.

“I’ve been watching the protests for weeks and have been moved by the passion and the power of the people across the nation in every major city and all these little towns and I just could not sit still anymore,” she said.

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