WEST HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA) — A new emergency order went into effect this weekend for the city of West Hollywood requiring everyone to wear face cloth coverings when traveling in public.

The order went into effect Saturday and indicates that the face coverings can include scarves, bandanas, neck gaiters, or other similar coverings of any other material that reduce the transmission of germs.

Children under the age of 2 or those who have trouble breathing or otherwise have issues removing face coverings without assistance will not be required to comply with the order.

“We know from Public Health officials that physical distancing and face coverings are effective in helping to slow the spread of the coronavirus,” said City of West Hollywood Mayor Lindsey P. Horvath. “Now that we’ve moved in to the beginning stages of the LA County ‘Roadmap to Recovery,’ we must remain vigilant in adhering to physical distancing, using cloth face coverings, and continuing to stay at home whenever we can. We can be stronger than this virus — but only if we all do our part to protect ourselves, our friends, our neighbors, and our essential workers. The simple act of wearing a cloth face covering may very well save lives.”

The city said deputies will be monitoring compliance and will provide education, warnings, and even citations as appropriate.

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  1. Christian Silver says:

    Where EXACTLY does a city get the authority to make such a law affecting the personal rights of individuals? Why do people fall for this garbage? We have laws which govern government in this Nation. Cities write laws for their own municipal buildings, parks, library, law enforcement, fire, etc. They cannot legally enforce their own laws upon the private citizens of California upon the streets. We are governed by our own “civil laws” through our elected representatives in the State Legislature which then can only be executed through our “executive branch” after a law has been delegated to the specific agency. THEN… at this point, the agency has to publish the rules by which it is going to implement the law. These are called regulations and they MUST BE PUBLISHED in the California Notice Register so the public can be made aware of how it may be subject to the People’s law.
    This kind of reporting is exactly why the citizens are so ignorant and why government continues to abuse power it was specifically denied from having. We have a very specific way laws must be written and enforced. Municipal laws do not have power to negate State law. This is another executive “order” without a statute to support it and violates the Separation of Powers Doctrine. DO YOUR HOMEWORK before spreading your ignorance of first year law and Government 101.

  2. R M says:

    When people are putting other people in danger, laws and regulation are put into place. What is so hard to see in that? Where the hell does personal right supersede people putting others in danger?

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