(CBS Local)– Neve Campbell has been in a lot of great movies and TV shows over the years and her new film is one of the most powerful and emotional she’s ever done.

Campbell is one of the stars of “Castle In The Ground,” a film from director Joey Klien about a teenager who is taking care of his terminally ill mother and also dealing with the effects of the opioid epidemic on his life and life of his neighbor. Alex Wolff and Imogen Poots are the other two stars of the movie and Campbell implores people to check this one out at home.

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“When I read this script, it felt important and prevalent,” said Campbell in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “Addiction is a tough topic, but an important topic. I thought that the script was harrowing, but well written. For me as a mom of two boys, it was not difficult to imagine what it would be like to say goodbye to my children. That was important to get right.”

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Addiction can be an isolating and scary addiction and Campbell is thankful that this movie provides a runway to talk about an important topic like this one. The actor first made a name for herself in Hollywood during the 1990s in the “Scream” franchise and on the original “Party of Five” TV show.

“I’ve been really, really lucky with the work I’ve gotten,” said Campbell. “I’m a hard worker, but I also know it’s right time, right place. From the beginning I was really lucky with Party Of Five being the quality it was and Scream and The Craft and on an on. I’ve just had great projects come my way and I’m just grateful for them. I’m constantly learning and I think that’s the beauty of being an actor. You’re never going to be perfect and you can always get better and always grow. I think it’s really important to be inspired by people. I went and lived in London for nine years and that was a magical experience. I saw a lot of theater and worked with a lot of great actors and directors. I love this business and I’m grateful I’m still going.”

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“Castle In The Ground” is available on demand on Friday, May 15. Watch all of DJ Sixsmith’s interviews from “The Sit-Down” series here.