LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Masks are a must anywhere beyond home now, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Wednesday.

Los Angeles is in the process of reopening slowly after shutting down to slow the spread of coronavirus. But because restrictions are gradually easing, Garcetti said that face coverings are needed to keep people safe.

“That will help us get more freedoms, open up more parts of our city,” he said.

Garcetti’s updated safer-at-home order makes masks a requirement for all Angelenos, except for small children and those with disabilities. The mayor announced the new rule at his Wednesday briefing, possibly to clarify previously confusing rules about wearing masks.

Earlier this week, masks became mandatory to ride Metro trains and buses, or to visit LAX. However, masks were not necessarily required while visiting outdoor areas like Griffith Park — until now.

Runner Sylvia Benabidez says covering her face while running is tough, so she doesn’t do it. But she still wears a neck gaiter, just in case.

“If anybody comes toward me, absolutely, I will use it,” she said.

Cloth face coverings were recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at the beginning of April, even though they don’t provide the comprehensive protection of N95 masks that officials say should be reserved for medical professionals treating patients.

“As long as you’re not doing a solitary activity, or with your own household, put that mask on, always now, and that is a requirement,” Garcetti said.

However, store requirements to wear masks have led to some vehement disagreement, spurring some to attack security guards and boycott stores like Costco.

The order is stricter than the one issued by Los Angeles County, which requires all essential workers and anyone visiting an essential business to cover their faces. It’s not clear, however, how the order will be enforced.

“It’s simple: wear one whenever you go out,” Garcetti said.

The guidelines also apply to beaches, where officials say residents must wear a mask when not in the water.

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  1. He ‘Orders’. The Furor speaks.

  2. Mayor says:

    He orders everyone to wear a mask yet he’s not wearing one and neither is his interpreter.

  3. Class Action, protests, etc anyone?

    please lets start one.

  4. Matt says:

    2 months of lock down and no mask requirement. 2000 dead in a state of 40 million people. There is no math or science to justify this. Masks are a placebo.

  5. melloreb says:

    So if walking alone (or with the person who lives with me) on the street, nowhere near anyone else, I need a mask? Please give the rationale for that?? Who am I protecting from virus –the birds?The bees? People will accept things that make “scientific” sense. Please, show me the reasoning here!!

    1. melloreb says:

      “It’s simple: wear one whenever you go out,” Garcetti said.

      But it is NOT simple. So on further reading, I see you CAN go out without a mask, if alone or with family, and not in situation near other people, He should have emphasized that, rather than giving this simplistic statement. HGarcetti says we should keep the mss nearby in case we encounter someone else. Does he think walking by someone else for two seconds, outdoors, is going to spread virus particles? He wants to talk “data and science” ? So show me actual evidence of outdoor virus transmission causing covid infection. while walking in a two second encounter from 6 feet away.

  6. Good Citizen says:

    What a terrible agenda.
    By the way if we are in the dangerous pandemic why the streets of LA is not sanitized ???
    We need to recall all of this people, including that Ferrer woman, who pretend to be a medical doctor.

    1. Jim says:

      I have yet to see any change in the homeless encampments in Venice or the Marina and they all seem the same regulars so it they don’t get sick or anything why sanitze the streets?

  7. Paul n Rich says:

    If only an act of God would strike a lightning bolt on Garcetti. Sadly, we never get thunderstorms here. The second largest city in America is being ruled by an insane power mad lunatic.

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