MANHATTAN BEACH (CBSLA) – Police in Manhattan Beach this weekend will increase patrols in beach areas in response to the bioluminescent nighttime neon glow in Southern California’s ocean waters which has drawn large numbers of visitors over the past several weeks. Their actions are also in anticipation of this being the first full weekend that Los Angeles County beaches will be open since the coronavirus pandemic forced them to close.

People stand on the beach at night to watch the waves glow blue due to bioluminescence on April 24, 2020, in Newport Beach. (Getty Images)

All L.A. County beaches reopened Wednesday after having been closed for several weeks. Although the beaches themselves are open for active use, the Strand, the Manhattan Beach Pier and beach parking lots remain closed.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, police will hike patrols around downtown Manhattan Beach, El Porto, and the Strand in order to dissuade gatherings.

They will also direct traffic along the busy Ocean Drive.

“The additional personnel will be responsible for restricting visitor access to the Strand and beach and also help re-direct vehicular traffic in problem areas such as Ocean Drive,” police said in a news release.

All L.A. County beaches will operate under normal hours, and chairs, canopies, coolers and grills will not be permitted. Sunbathing, gathering and any organized games, like beach volleyball, are also not allowed.

The bioluminescence, also known as “red tide,” is caused by an algal bloom: a large concentration of microorganisms in the water. It’s unclear how long the algal blooms will remain.

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  1. HDJStr8Talker says:

    Welcome to the FUN WORLD of Socialism & Communism folks… You can look but no touch… no playing… no romance… and it’s illegal to have fun!!! You can be arrested for not wearing a mask by police “not wearing a mask!” -explain that logic?!!

    The government has you so well protected, many of you have lost your jobs, incomes, livelihood with fund dwindling as the Democrats try to help themselves to trillions… instead of those suffering under their rule. They need to lose their salaries too…

    As CoVid-19…Breezy open air areas like this to be treated the same as stale air/recycled air in buildings is ludicrous. I am recuperating from CV-19 and I’ve had FAR WORSE… and I am in practically every High Risk category and can still say this. I want to live… not just exist. How about you?

    Besides, I got this blasted bug staying isolated at home… ironic, ain’t it? If that’s possible, everybody hiding are still susceptible… so, what’s more important? Living life or worrying about dying? Get right with Jesus and live… we all have a personal deadline… it’s part of life.

  2. Rocco Henderson says:

    I love freedom more each day this ridiculous lockdown goes on! Now I understand what the patriots were fighting for.

    1. HDJStr8Talker says:

      Go on YT and listen to the X22 Report… don’t agree with everything but sure has opened my eyes. Don’t blink… others are ready to steal our freedoms away and won’t let a good crisis go to waste. History shows these things start small and grow into monsters if the people don’t push back on power hungry leaders. They were elected to serve us…not the other way around. Besides, our constitution is still intact… our rights are still intact… we just need to get them back… and soon! Only martial law can break our constitutional rights to freedom. Be well…

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