THOUSAND OAKS (CBSLA) – A Thousand Oaks man was arrested Monday after authorities raided his home and found 30 guns, including several illegal assault weapons and high-capacity magazines capable of holding over 50 rounds of ammunition.

May 11, 2020. (Thousand Oaks PD)

Joshua Joffred, 34, was taken into custody after a month-long multi-agency investigation that began when he applied for a concealed weapons permit, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office reported Wednesday.

Detectives discovered that Joffred owned several weapons while he was also addicted to an opiate-based narcotic.

After obtaining search warrants, deputies pulled Joffred over near his Newbury Park home at around 1:30 p.m. Monday, where they found a loaded handgun concealed in the center console, the sheriff’s office said.

They then raided his home, where they seized 30 guns, including semiautomatic centerfire rifles, AK-47 variant assault rifles, semiautomatic pistols, a semiautomatic shotgun and several handguns. They also found high-capacity drum-style magazines that hold over 50 rounds off ammo.

Many of Joffred’s firearms violated California’s assault weapons ban, authorities said.

Joshua Joffred. (Thousand Oaks PD)

All the assault weapons contained modifications, including muzzle breaks, fore grips, second-hand grips, detachable magazines, collapsible stocks, pistols grips and fixed magazines that can hold over 10 rounds of ammo, all of which also violate California’s assault weapons ban, the sheriff’s office said.

Joffred was arrested on multiple charges, including carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle, possession of numerous assault weapons, manufacturing assault weapons, possession of numerous large capacity weapons, violation of the 30-day handgun limit, possession of a semiautomatic shotgun and being an addict in possession of firearms.

He was booked and released after posting bail.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives assisted in the case.

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  1. William Kendall says:

    All these crimes are specific to California’s insane gun laws. Not one of these is fully automatic, so none of them are any deadlier than the exact same weapons without the modifications he made. This is a California manufactured crime.

    1. Patrick Gorman says:

      Wow, In most of the country, what he had was an accessory. This like getting leather trim on the seats of your truck. Insane laws. nice job load the jails with working citizens. My advice MOVE out of Cali as soon as you can. Just LEAVE california stupid ideas there. The rest of us don’t want the.

      1. DeezNutz says:

        I am from Asia and my grammer is better than yours lol. You are a joke.

      2. A Anderson says:

        There is a reason why republican states are the poorest…

    2. Okay, in that case, you can bail his sorry ass out to become his first victim. Full automatic ,or not, this stuff can inflict death.
      Idiots like you make one shake his head….SMH.

      1. Bryan says:

        People like you are the reason the 2nd Amendment is so important !! You don’t like it here, feel free to move to a country that has the laws you like……….I know, Canada is close, and your boy Trudeau just banned almost every rifle produced. Sounds like an ideal place for you !!!

  2. Jeff Bennett says:

    So, guns that are legal in 80% of the country are a major news item in the democratic peoples republic of california. Got it.

  3. saichakrilakshmi says:

    Drive 300 miles east and every single one of those guns are legal.

    Congrats California on creating criminals while letting the real dangerous ones out of prison

  4. Jack McCready says:

    His only crime was living in that Democrat shytehole where the Bill of Rights is outlawed..

  5. David5300 says:

    So he was raided because he applied for a CCW permit? Is this SOP for Califonia to raid someones house if they apply for a permit?
    He did nothing illegal, California is a communist state.

  6. jdmurch says:

    We need to fight the idiotic mind set of the ignorant liberals of CA. Amazingly they are the ones crying the loudest about having to wait to get guns and ammo to protect themselves during this Chinese and democratic pandemic! Those morons are the ones who perpetuated the illegal and asinine laws on the books that I did not vote for and all they are doing is making law abiding citizens into criminals. Well I prefer to be a criminal!!!

  7. J Gross says:

    I lived on the same street as Josh growing up. He’s a good guy and he was a connoisseur and liked collecting guns and cars. We use to go to the gun range with our parent’s as kids. Josh is NOT some raving drug addict with malicious intent in being a gun collector. He’s actually a talented diver and nice guy, he’s not connected to some radical groups lol. Josh and his brother and parents are good people in the community. I would happily be a character witness in court and donate $ if he needs help with a lawyer. Sadly if the T.O. Police were spending months investigating this , they simply wasted tax payers money. This case is ridiculous and should be dismissed or at least given probation.

  8. simba6 says:

    If he was the type of criminal that this article attempts to paint him as, he wouldn’t be someone who tried to apply and go through the legal process for conceal carry. This is obviously someone who was attempting to do things by the book and was still targeted by the cops who had nothing better to do than go after law abiding citizens.

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