ORANGE (CBSLA) —  A handful of local private universities are planning on inviting students back to campus for the fall term.

One of the colleges planning on welcoming students back is Chapman University in Orange, with a projected incoming class of 1,700.

“Chapman is lucky because virtually all of our classes are very small, I think classes larger than 50 students are one percent,” said Chapman University President Daniele Struppa.

“We expect to be able to offer classes up to 20 students in a class, which we suspect is the requirement from the governor,” he said.

Struppa said it’s very possible that some classes will be held outside on the football field or other outdoor spaces.

The occupancy in Chapman’s residence halls and apartments will be reduced by 900 students.

Masks and temperature checks will also be required on campus.

A donation of $1 million gifted to the university by a parent will be used to purchase personal protective equipment or PPE for students and faculty.

“We’re going to hiring tracers to follow up on kids who appear to be infected,” said Struppa.

Loyola Marymount University and Biola University are considering plans for in-person classes in the fall and The Claremont Colleges are leaning that way as well.

LMU tells CBSLA the university “anticipates welcoming students and faculty back to its campuses for in-person instruction in fall 2020, provided it is safe and aligns with guidance from public health authorities. The university is considering a broad range of alternatives and preparing contingency plans that incorporate new health and safety protocols.”

On Tuesday, University of California and Cal State officials confirmed that thousands of college students in Southern California will continue using remote learning into the fall semester.

The UC system is adopting a mixed approach with some material delivered in the classroom and in lab settings.

The Cal State schools will continue primarily with online learning, with some exceptions for in-person learning.

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  1. Anthony J says:

    As a parent of students at both of these schools, I’m thrilled they are making this happen. This virus is a tragedy, but the even bigger tragedy is leaving our families without a country or economy to survive. For those at risk, stay inside and clear. The rest of the planet must get back to keeping the economy and our systems operating. We don’t need to accept the narrative being fed to everyone in the press. In 2001 an average of 164 people died a day in LA from various causes. Today 19 people died from Carnovirus. Ask yourself… how many are going to die in violence that erupts after there is no economy left and everyone must fight for food?

  2. Jordi says:

    Bravo for them. Enough of fear spreading by The California Governor. We have a daughter in Chapman and have no doubt everyone will be safe.

  3. David Thalberg says:

    Where did the information come that the Claremont Schools are “leaning” toward opening in the Fall? We last heard decision would not come until JULY.

  4. Lala says:

    Good for them! Hope they do

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