LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Los Angeles County residents can expect to remain under some type of  “Safer At Home” restrictions well into the summer barring any major change in the fight against the coronavirus, the county’s public health director said Tuesday.

Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer made the suggestion during a Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday, saying some form of stay-at-home restrictions will likely remain in place “for the next three months”.

“There’s now no way, unless there was a dramatic change in this virus and the tools that we have at hand to actually fight against this virus, there’s no way that we could in fact see us not needing to continue with a set of restrictions,” Ferrer said.

Such “dramatic change” would involve a reliable vaccine, at-home testing, and treatment for COVID-19, Ferrer added.

She did not specify what types of restrictions might remain in place even as the countywide Safer At Home order is set to expire Friday.

Supervisor Kathryn Barger later clarified Ferrer’s statement, saying it was “taken out of context and has understandably caused great concern by the public. Relaxing the restrictions in the ‘Safer at Home’ order is an important focus for the County, which will be done gradually over the next few months.

“I am eager to reopen more of L.A. County as soon as it’s safe to do so, in collaboration with our health experts, community leaders, businesses and residents, with best practices in place to ensure our overall health and well-being. These decisions will be guided by the latest science and data collected. I’m confident that the more our communities continue to comply, the sooner we can resume normalcy.”

While the county loosened some guidelines last week, with trails reopening and retailers allowed to expand to curbside services, Ferrer cited an increase in COVID-19 deaths and total cases and said those would remain steady barring a “dramatic change to the virus and tools at hand”.

Ferrer’s comments were made in the context of a Board of Supervisors debate over how long a moratorium on evictions should remain in place. While the current public health order is set to expire Friday, Ferrer did not specifically address the extension.

The county announced 961 new cases and 45 deaths Tuesday, bringing the total number of deaths to 1,613.

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  1. These People Are Ridiculous!!

    1. Concerned Resident says:

      Very true. We need to keep people at home as is, not start letting the idiots back out. Keep with the stricter stay at home rules, pay the workers who are working extra hazard pay, and lets reduce the numbers! Otherwise this will become a tool for the conspiracy theorists on how the government is trying to implement population control and other things.

      1. Common Sense says:

        Ohh everyone can just magically afford to stay inside indefinitely ordering food everyday, rent is magically paid along with any other bill.

        1613 deaths in a city of over 12.5 million people and you think that justifies people losing their businesses, their families starving, real medical issues getting ignored and a whole host of other problems for 1613 deaths from people all with mobidity issues and all near the end of their lives. 80 plus year olds don’t work jobs. Isolate them and the rest of us can get to work.

        Or would you rather see a riot?

      2. Mark says:

        You are a parasite. There is no way in hell this lock can be justified. As usual the democrat run insane government of CA is doing its best to the worst for our state and its citizens. How about you stay at home, sponge off the rest of us so we can get back to living you zombie!!!

  2. when did americans become such wimpy dummies?

    i would hate to see what these complainers would have done during WWII.

    seriously, what a bunch of babies who are mad they can’t have it “their way.”

    going out now only imperils the life these morons so desperately want back.

    i won’t be surprised when these fools make everything worse for everyone.

    1. Sally Salida says:

      You cite those from WWII. Well, they would certainly get about their daily business if they were young today. I’d say the ones who want to continue the shutdown are the wimps. Life is always about weighing risks. Every time you drive. Every time you step out of your house. We already know who is most vulnerable, but for everyone else they should be allowed to be be back at work or school and freely moving about. We were told to hunker down for just a couple of weeks…then a couple of months. Enough.

  3. Reason says:

    We agreed to go along with the plan to “flatten the curve” to prevent the hospital system from being overrun. It is quite clear that even with a spike in cases, the County has enough capacity to handle it.

    It is time to let those who are not afraid to go back to work. Those that are afraid, can stay at home. Let’s focus our “protective” efforts on those truly most at risk- elderly living in nursing homes.

  4. Mikey O'Sullivan says:

    Why is this crazy women countermanding what the Gov just stated?

  5. Warrior says:

    This Ferrer woman should be fired as the incompetent that she is.

  6. Josh says:

    Stupid! Unless we can restrict inter-city/county/state movements of folks, this countywide order won’t work!!! It’s like having a smoking section in the back of an airplane.

  7. Quidam Q. Agathezol says:

    Public health officials should not determine whether society shuts down or reopens. They should be but one type of advisors to the politicians. But of course, the politicians are cowards and don’t want to make tough calls. It’s so obvious to anyone who isn’t in panic mode (like you mask-wearing dog walkers) that this is a complete overreaction. The virus is nasty, for sure, but it’s not the apocalyptic event the media and public health officials have sold us.

  8. Nicole E Wilkin says:

    Proud to be an Ex-Californian!!! Insanity is as inanity does…

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